Academic Life

A Smith education is about thinking for yourself instead of figuring out what a teacher wants you to say or echoing what your classmates believe. For every nine students, there’s a Smith professor to help you discover new information and reconsider theories and opinions you once took for granted.

There’s much more to Smith teaching than the "chalk and talk" approach you may be used to in high school. Smith professors expect students to speak up in class, contribute original ideas, question assumptions, even challenge their teachers’ views. The lively intellectual exchanges taking place in Smith classrooms (and student houses, snack bars and study lounges) prove that great minds don’t necessarily think alike.

Many institutions talk about employing teacher-scholars, but not every college lives up to that ideal. Smith's faculty members are truly dedicated teachers and active researchers, performers and writers. Our professors belong to top organizations like the National Academy of Sciences, lead national academic groups and are regularly recognized for their scholarly contributions. Ninety-six percent have doctoral degrees. Nearly half of Smith’s professors are women, and many of them serve as mentors and role models as well as teachers and advisers.