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A fee for basic class materials is charged in all studio courses. The individual student is responsible for the purchase of any additional supplies she may require. The department reserves the right to retain examples of work done in studio courses. All studio courses require extensive work beyond the six scheduled class hours. Please note that all studio art courses have limited enrollments.


Lee Burns, Lindsey Clark-Ryan, John Gibson, Dwight Pogue, John Slepian, Fraser Stables, Lynne Yamamoto

Requirements for the Major

Students entering Smith College in the fall 2013 semester or after are subject to the following requirements. All others have the option of following this set of requirements, or the one in effect when they arrived at the college or declared their major (see Smith College Course Catalog).

No course counting toward the fulfillment of the major or minor may be taken for an S/U grade. Courses associated with a concentration (such as IDP, ARX, etc.) cannot be counted toward the completion of the art major.

Requirements: 12 courses, which will include:

1. One 100-level course selected from the following: ARS 161, ARS 162, ARS 163, ARS 164, ARS 172. (Note that certain upper-level courses indicate specific 100-level course prerequisites.)

2. ARH 110 Art and Its Histories

3. Two additional 200-level or 300-level art history courses

4. One additional course with a contemporary emphasis, relating to art history, visual studies, or film and media studies, to be chosen in consultation with adviser

5. Five additional studio art courses, (one of which may be at the 100-level). Students may work across concentrations but must take the full sequence of courses (usually three, including a 300-level course) in at least one of the following areas of concentration:

6. ARS 385

7. ARS 399: J-term graduates should take ARS 399 in their junior year. All other students should take ARS 385 and ARS 399 in their senior year.

Declaring the Major

Declaring the Plan B major A student may declare a Plan B major any time after she has completed the introductory (100 level) studio art requirements and one additional studio art course. She must submit a portfolio of work to the Portfolio Review Committee. Portfolios will be reviewed each semester, just before the advising period. Students who receive a negative evaluation will be encouraged to take an additional studio course or courses, and resubmit their portfolio at a subsequent review time. Students who receive a negative evaluation may resubmit their portfolios in subsequent reviews up to and including the last portfolio review available during their sophomore year. These students will be offered suggestions for strengthening their portfolios through additional studio coursework in the same or other media represented in the portfolio. The additional studio courses will count toward fulfilling the major requirements.

Mapping the Major

Upon receiving a positive portfolio evaluation, a student should select and meet with a studio art adviser. Together they will discuss her interests and review her studio work to date, and select an area of studio in which she will concentrate. In exceptional cases the student and her adviser may design a sequence of studio courses that draws from several areas of concentration.