Tryon Prize for Art

The Tryon Prize is a monetary prize awarded by a jury for outstanding work in installation, performance, video, sound, digital or interactive art. Any Smith student may compete for the prize.

The Tryon Prize is named for Dwight W. Tryon, painter, professor of art at Smith College from 1886 to 1923, and benefactor of the Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA). The Tryon Prize is endowed by members of SCMA’s Visiting Committee.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must include:
1. A cover page (Word doc) with your:
Name, Class Year
Title of Work
2. A statement (Word doc) describing the concept and development of your work. (While it is not required that your work be influenced by art you have seen at the Smith College Museum of Art, please mention if it has.)
3. A description of the assignment, if the work was created for a course.
4. Up to 5 images in jpg format and/or up to 5 minutes of video of your work. 

Send your submission to
Deadline: Entries must be electronically sent no later than noon, Friday, May 2, 2014.
Contact: 413 585 2677 or

Download (pdf)  Submission Guidelines

Tryon Prize Award for Art


No Awards


Sarah Meikle, AC

  • Inside Out: the insecurity project (installation/website/audio)

Sofia Sanchez ‘12J

  • Open Those Eyes (performance)

Honorable Mention:

Esther Kwon ’12

  • Lost (digital portrait series)

Kendyll Gage-Ripa ’12

  • Face (social media/installation)


Lucia Carroll ’11

  • Memorial (video/installation)

Second Prize

Alix Korn ‘11

  • Body Memory (video/performance)


Ellen Feiss ‘10

  • 34 Slides of Unknowable Places: A Lesson from the Tappan Collection

Second Prize

Jennifer Sochin Connor AC

  • Trilogy (installation)


No entries were selected for an award.


Kika Gilbert ’08 (digital art)


Lila Dodge ‘09 & Rose Baldwin ‘09

  • Tendency, Intention, Tendency, Intention (video/performance)

Kelsey Siepser ‘07

  • Eleusis (video)

Abby Walton ’07

  • Vertigo (installation)

Tryon Prize for Art established in 2007.