Tryon Prize for Writing

The Tryon Prize is a monetary prize awarded by a jury for outstanding writing that examines art or ideas associated with the Smith College Museum of Art. Writing may take any form including a thesis, essay, or poetry. Any Smith student may compete for the prize.

The Tryon Prize is named for Dwight W. Tryon, painter, benefactor of the Smith College Museum of Art (SCMA), and professor of art at Smith College from 1886 to 1923 and is endowed by members of SCMA’s Visiting Committee.

Submission Guidelines

You must also include a cover sheet with your name, class year, email address, campus address and phone number. Do not include your name in a header on the pages of your submission. If the work was written for a class, include the description of the assignment.

Send your submission in a Word document format (.docx) with your last name as title to Tryon Writing at

Submissions must be received no later than Friday, May 1st.

Contact: 413.585.2677 or

Download (pdf)  TryonPrizes

Tryon Prize Awards for Writing


Katherine Trudeau, '14

  • Miss Representation: Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith's Push Against Expectations 


Jamie Samdahl ’15

  • June(a poem after Christ of the Incas by Georges Henri Rouault)

Anna Mokros ‘13 & Shama Rahman ’13

  • Introducing a Portrait Gallery to Smith College Museum of Art

Honorable Mention

Susan Liang, ’13

  • Being Contemporary: The Contemporaneity of Contemporary Chinese Art


Vanessa Brewster AC

  • Painted Words (poetry)

Margaret Kurkoski ’12

  • Pieces of the Past: Romanization in the House of Cilicia

Honorable Mention

Amy Lam ’12

  • Daily Leisure (painting by Zou Li) & The Maple Leaf (poem by Han Cuiping)


Erin Kelly AC

  • Schoolteacher, The Pear Tree, and Charcoal Ghost (poetry)
  • Second Prize

Phoebe Harris ’11

  • Milk and Water


Alessandra Amin ’12

  • Instabilities of Form, Norm: Subjectivity in Mary Bauermeister’s Joie et Nuit


Emily Casey '09

  • ‘A fully-developed womanhood’: the collecting of fine art and a woman's education at Smith College,1875-1910.


Katrina Greene ’08

  • Constructing a Tragedy: Geometric Analysis of the Daughter of Jephthah

Marja van der Loo ’08

  • The Girl Next Door: The Quest for Privacy in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Homes

Rebecca Mueller ’08

  • The Death of J.P. Morgan


No entries were selected for an award.


Carolyn Creedon AC

  • Evensong, The Real Apple, Hillyer Blues, Inside and Outside (poetry)


Debra Klein ‘07

  • Echo Lake, Franconia Mountains, New Hampshire: Albert Bierstadt's Vision of Harmony and Balance

Sharon Davenport AC

  • Performing Modernity: La Table

Maeve Montalvo ‘07

  • An Echoing Gaze and Wordless Song: Form as Narrative in Albert Bierstadt's Echo Lake


Rachel Fendler ‘04

  • Method and Meaning in ‘Minkisi Minkondi’

Morgan Beucler ‘04

  • Flat-bottomed Aryballos

Honorable Mention

Rebecca Alexander ‘04

  • Do-Ho Suh and Yinka Shonibare:  Exploring the Ambiguities of ‘Home’