June 29–September 9, 2012


Myths are not things that are relegated to the past, they’re around us every day. —Jay Bolotin

The need to tell stories drives the work of contemporary artist, composer, and performer Jay Bolotin. Raised on a farm in rural Kentucky, Bolotin remembers his childhood as one that was filled with storytelling and music. Both of these creative influences are evident in the artwork on view in this exhibition.

Based on a series of woodcuts, The Jackleg Testament Part I: Jack & Eve is an animated, operatic film–the first known woodcut motion picture–that reinterprets the story of Adam and Eve as a dark, provocative tale in which Eve is lured from the Garden of Eden by a Jack-in-the-Box. Bolotin’s complex, ambiguous work references German Expressionism, American folk art, prints from the Northern Renaissance, and medieval religious imagery.

In addition to the woodcuts and video that comprise Part I of The Jackleg Testament, the exhibition also includes a preview of work-in-progress on The Jackleg Testament Part II: The Book of Only Enoch, the second part of the planned trilogy. During a four-day residency to oversee the installation of this exhibition, Jay Bolotin will annotate the drawings included in Part II, writing directly on the walls of the gallery. These notes will remain on view throughout the run of the show.


Photo Credit: Jay Bolotin installing exhibition at Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, 2010. Photograph by Anita Douthat.