Antiquae Urbis Splendor

Published beginning in 1612, Antiquae Urbis Splendor (Splendor of the Ancient City) by Giacomo Lauro (ca. 1583–1650), continued the catalogue of ancient monuments, adding views of more modern structures. The publication served as an important reference and source of inspiration for writers and artists.  Lauro was well known for his illustrations of Rome, in particular for this work and also his Heroico splendore delle città del mondo(Heroic Splendor of the Cities of the World) published in 1642. Antiquae Urbis Splendor was reprinted many times after this first edition in various combinations of  of plates and with different dedications.




Giacomo Lauro. Italian, 1561–1645. Vestigia Arcus Septimii Severi (Remains of the Arch of Septimus Severus), plate 137 from the series Antiquae Urbis Splendor (The Wonders of Ancient Rome), 1612–41. Engraving. Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. Louise Fitz-Randolph Collection. MH2013.1.8