Curator‘s Comments

Liquid Origins, Fluid Dreams, by Sandy Skoglund, is black and white from floor to ceiling. For the wall tiles, Skoglund drew ten creation narratives from different cultures and then ten different images of spattered droplets that alternate with the story scenes. The stories involve wet beginnings, loneliness, and sometimes death and violence.

In the Arctic story, the Creator becomes a raven and is tickled by the grass people to release the sun and light the world. The African god Bumba creates the world from a stomach ache. In the Scandinavian story, twelve rivers are presided over by the ice giant, Ymir, who is eventually killed by his three sons. Australia's original ancestor, Karora, gave birth to bandicoots and sons. In the Native American story, a woman falls from the sky and is supported by a giant tortoise, which becomes the earth.

In the Egyptian story, humankind is created from the tears of the original bird, while in the Mayan legend, people are created from fingers cut from the hand of one of the four original gods. Brahma, the original being of the Indian creation story, took human form to divide himself and reunite in procreation. The Greek goddess Eurynome mated with a serpent and then took the form of a bird; the world was hatched from her egg. The Chinese god Pan Gu was also born from an egg. After his death, humankind was created from fleas on his body.

Liquid Origins, Fluid Dreams

Sandy Skoglund. American, born 1946

Liquid Origins, Fluid Dreams, 2000

The creation of this restroom was made possible by funding from the Kohler Trust for Arts and Education and Kohler Company. The altered plumbing products were created by Sandy Skoglund in Arts/Industry, a long-term artist-in-residence program of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center of Sheboygan, Wisconsin