Curator‘s Comments

While schools were closed during the Cultural Revolution, Tang Muli developed his artistic skills by painting model revolutionary compositions such asThe Young Bugler. This painting depicts a group of young people engaging in Lalian, which means “pull out to drill.”  When relations were failing between China and the former Soviet Union during the late 1960s and early 1970s, official policy dictated that groups of civilians be mustered into regiments to engage in long field marches through the countryside.The Young Bugleris based on drawings Tang executed during his Lalian in 1971, and features a memorable figure from his experience: the bugler who regulated the daily routines of the march.

The Young Bugler

Tang Muli. Born China, 1947

The Young Bugler, 1971

Oil on canvas

Gift of Andrew Kim and Wan Kyun Rha Kim, class of 1960

ID Number: SC 2004:40-8