Curator‘s Comments

Maria Laughlin, Smith class of 1993

I first visited the Smith College Museum of Art a day or two after I arrived on campus as a student.  I was bowled over by the quality of the collection.  Coming from Seattle I had never seen anything remotely like it before.  Visiting again and again in the course of my four years was one of my most treasured experiences at college.  My classes informed the way I viewed the art, so each visit was brand new.

"Mourning Picture" is probably my favorite painting.  The scene is rendered in such marvelous and absolute detail (every individual blade of grass!) but the overall impact of the painting is one of powerful emotion.  When I went back to see the campus a few years ago (and the amazing new museum facilities!) this was the first painting I wanted to see again.

Mourning Picture

Edwin Romanzo Elmer. American, 1850–1923

Mourning Picture, 1890

Oil on canvas.


ID Number: SC 1953:129.