Curator‘s Comments

Joan J. Earley-Wilcox, Smith class of 1992

As an Ada Comstock Scholar in 1989 I was a Philosophy Major.  I took the Art History survey course and discovered this marvelous piece of sculpture and was so captivated by it I made Art History my minor.  I have gone on to obtain my Doctor of Arts, with Classics as my Major and Philosophy my Minor. My Doctoral Dissertation pertained to identifying a figure on the Parthenon Frieze by name!  All because of the Cycladic Figure of a Woman.

Cycladic Woman

Unknown artist.

Cycladic Woman,


Gift of Dr. Aron and Toby Cole Krich in memory of Ely Chinoy, class of 1975, Mary Higgins Gamble Professor of Sociology and Anthropology.

ID Number: SC 1975:41