Curator‘s Comments

José Bedia's art draws upon many different cultural sources, including Native-American, African, Caribbean, and diaspora Cuban traditions, all of which play a role in the artists life. Bedia uses myths from many cultures as the basis of his images. Nfumbi Mpangui draws directly upon his beliefs, specifically to palo monte, a religion that originated in Africa. Palo monte practitioners believe in natural powers that come directly from the earth (as seen in the roots at the heart of the central figure) as well as in the veneration of the spirits of ancestors.

Nfumbi Mpangui

José Bedia. Cuban, Born 1959

Nfumbi Mpangui, 2003

Two-color lithograph printed on black Arches Cover paper

Purchased with the Elizabeth Halsey Dock, class of 1933, Fund

ID Number: SC 2007:5-4