Curator‘s Comments

This densely layered three-dimensional representation of a mummy is one in a long series of self-portraits by Jane Hammond. The hieroglyphics that ring her torso are drawn from the artist’s 276-part lexicon of images, which she repeats in different combinations, orientations, and colors in many of her print-based works. These images are drawn from a variety of graphic sources―from antique books to Internet clip art―and their re-use in different contexts allows Hammond to play with their meaning. According to Hammond, “I was trying to figure out how to make a kind of work that was decentered and variable, wandering and unpredictable, even to me.” Here, the images literally “entomb” the artist, encasing her body within a complex pattern of symbols. 

Spells and Incantations

Jane Hammond. American, Born 1950

Spells and Incantations, 2007

Seven color lithograph with silkscreen, gold leaf, and chine collé on heavyweight paper

Printed by Bud Shark, Shark’s Ink

Purchased with the Janice Carlson Oresman, class of 1955, Fund

ID Number: SC 2008:12