Curator‘s Comments

These objects belong to a collection of about 50 archaic jades, dating primarily from the Shang (1766 BCE - 1122 BCE) and Zhou (1122 BCE-206 BCE) dynasties.  The collection, given to the Museum by Mr. and Mrs. Ivan B. Hart in 1959-60, was first formed by S. H. Minkenhof advised by Alfred Salmony of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.  This pair of objects, carved from the same piece of nephrite, may have had a funerary association as body weights. Each is an abstract form of a recumbent pig, with a rounded snout.  Legs and hooves and the indication of a belly are carved into only one side of each of the jades.  Viewed from above, the shoulders and haunches of the pig are visible.

Pair of Pigs

Unknown artist. Chinese, Han Dynasty, 206 BCE–220 CE

Pair of Pigs, n.d.

Jade (nephrite)

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan B. Hart

ID Number: SC 1959:242a, b