Curator‘s Comments

This double portrait drawing pictures two architect friends, both students of Charles Percier (1764–1838), and may have been drawn as a celebration of their reunion in Rome. Ingres arrived in Rome in 1806 (staying until 1820) and quickly developed a reputation as a portraitist. His skill in this genre is evident from his sympathetic portrayal of the two young architects. It captures their different characters: the assertive posture of Leclére (on the left) contrasts beautifully with the more sensitive air of Provost (on the right).

The Architects Achille Leclére and Jean-Louis Provost

Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres. French, 1780–1867

The Architects Achille Leclére and Jean-Louis Provost, 1812

Hard graphite on smooth beige wove thin tissue mounted on cream wove backing sheet

Purchased with the Drayton Hillyer Fund

ID Number: SC 1937:5-1