Curator‘s Comments

Sandy Skoglund first began constructing environments to photograph during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Skoglund’s photographs grew out of her fascination with American “low” culture, conceptual art, performance, and film, all of which she studied in the 1970s. No single art-making discipline was able to hold her interest fully until she discovered photography in the late 1970s. Then, inspired by commercial advertising, she began creating quirky still lifes, which she photographed in color. Soon, her experiments expanded to encompass entire interiors and specific narratives. Radioactive Cats includes Skoglund’s first sculptures, twenty-five bright-green cats that visually dominate their two human companions, who seem to blend into the walls of the room. While her earlier photographs of installations played primarily with pattern and color, Radioactive Cats includes multi-layered content, addressing the anxieties of Cold-War America and the relationship between humans and domestic animals.

Radioactive Cats

Sandy Skoglund. American, born 1946

Radioactive Cats, 1980



ID Number: SC 2004:39