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How Do I Apply to Enter the Departmental Honors Program?

Follow the Guidelines for the Departmental Honors Program.

Email honors@smith.edu to request your individual computer generated list of courses, grades, and GPA course points on the "Calculations of GPA Requirements Inside and Outside the Major" form. Please include your ID number and your major for your request to be processed.

Print out, complete and submit the Application for Departmental Honors to the Director of Honors in your major. Also, print out, complete and submit the Departmental Honors Certification Letter to the Senior Class Dean.

Follow the Guidelines for the Tomlinson Fund. Please type directly onto the Supplies and Equipment Budget form and/or the Travel Budget form. Once the budget form is completed, print it and obtain all signatures required. Submit the budget form along with your application for honors. Nancy Kershaw Tomlinson Memorial Fund Reimbursement Form to be submitted with receipts to the Class Deans Office.

The Honors Project Library Permission Form should be filled out, signed by both the honors thesis project writer and the adviser, and delivered to Mary Lou Bouley, Collection Services, Neilson Library. The permission form cannot be uploaded to the website as it must be signed by the student and the adviser. Honors thesis projects for which there is no permission form cannot be catalogued.