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While in residence at Smith College, a student may not receive credit for work completed at another institution, except for courses taken during the semester or Interterm and courses taken through the Five College Interchange.

Credit is accepted from accredited institutions of higher education in the United States and abroad (during Summer School and Interterm) for liberal arts courses of the general type and level offered at Smith College.

Smith will not grant credit for distance learning or on-line courses.  

Study abroad during the academic year must be approved by the Office for International Study.

Only grades of C or better will be accepted for transfer credit. Grades of pass/fail, S/U, or credit/non-credit earned in courses completed at other institutions are not acceptable for transfer toward the Smith degree. Grades for work completed at another institution will not appear on the Smith record and will not be counted for Dean’s List, First Group Scholars, or for Latin Honors.

Smith accepts the number of credits granted by the host institution. A 3-credit course (from a school on the semester system) would transfer as 3 credits. Credit earned under a quarter credit system is equivalent to 2/3 of a semester credit.

Students may accrue a maximum of 12 approved summer school credits and 12 approved Interterm credits at Smith College or elsewhere toward their Smith degree, with an overall maximum of 32 credits of combined summer, Interterm, AP and other prematriculation credits. Normally, Interterm courses transfer for no more than 3 credits. Students may not take more than 4 credits during any one Interterm at Smith or elsewhere. An overall maximum of 64 total transfer credits may be applied to the degree.

Candidates for the Smith degree must complete at least four semesters of academic work, a minimum of 64 credits, in residence at Smith College in Northampton; two of these must be completed during the junior or senior year.

Courses may not be repeated for credit.  


Complete the Smith College Petition to Transfer Credits form and return it to the Office of the Class Deans, College Hall 101 with an attached catalogue description of the course(s) you intend to take. A course description is required.

You will receive notification from your Class Dean whether or not the course(s) are preapproved for credit. Transfer credit will be granted upon receipt of an official transcript showing completion of course(s) with a grade of C or better.

If you enroll in a course different than the one that has been preapproved, you must complete another form to receive preapproval for that course. It is your responsibility to request that an official transcript be sent to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible after completing the course. Smith College will only accept official transcripts sent directly to the Registrar’s Office from the host institution. Student grade reports or transcripts issued to the student are not acceptable.

If you have been required to attend summer school, a transcript must be received by August 15 if you are to return to Smith College for the fall semester. Please consult with your class dean if this is not possible.

There are no official deadlines for transfer credit petitions. It would be to your advantage to submit them for review before you register for a course(s). If you complete a course without receiving preapproval, there is no guarantee it will be accepted for credit.

Special Considerations

Credit is not granted for the first semester only of an introductory language course.

Only Math courses at the level of pre-calculus or above will receive credit.

Computer Science courses must involve problem solving and use of a language such as C, C++ or Java to receive credit. Courses such as Introduction to Data Processing will not receive credit.

Group performance music courses (choir, orchestra, band, etc.) do not receive credit.

Smith will not grant credit for internships undertaken at other institutions.

Credit for Independent Study can only be granted after the work has been evaluated by the appropriate department.

Pre-professional courses including but not limited to Journalism, Legal Studies, Business, Marketing and Management, Communications, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Social Work, etc. normally do not receive credit. The following courses may be considered for transfer credit:
- One course in accounting (up to four credits)
- One course in speech (up to four credits) upon satisfactory review of the course syllabus by the Director of the Jacobson Center.

Petition for Transfer Credit Form (Microsoft Word document)

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