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Dining Staff
Chapin Emerson Lamont Wilson
Chase/Duckett Gillett Morrow Center Cafe
Comstock Hubbard Northrop Catering
Cutter/Ziskind King/Scales Tyler

Chapin ext. 2354

Manager Pat Mahar (ext. 2322)
Chef Diane Warren
Cook Mike Eaton
Relief Cook Oul Chham
Kitchen Assistant Eileen Young
Cooks' Assistant Michelle Daley
Dining Room Coordinator Yaeko Wartel
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Patti Dion
Student Work Coordinator Lyn Watts

Chase/Duckett ext. 2355

Manager Rick Rubin (ext. 2318)
Chef Tony Aubrey  
Cook Mark Frary
Relief Cook Joe Bacis
Kitchen Assistant Jackie Demarey
Kitchen Assistant Sue Steenburgh
Cooks' Assistant Tom Rockett
Dining Room Coordinator Jackie Blair
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Kathy Martins
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Raj Kumar
Floater Cook Scott Rubeck
Student Work Coordinators Darwin Pappas-Fernandez
Megan Barton

Comstock/Wilder ext. 2382

Manager Pat Mahar (ext. 2322)
Chef Mark Ricker
Cook's Assistant Peg Toscanini
Dining Room Coordinator Marion Peret
Student Work Coordinator Crysta Brown

Cushing/Emerson ext. 2361

Manager Franny Krushinsky (ext. 2317)
Chef Fran Vilbon
Cook Jim Dilts
Relief Cook Milous Bowie
Kitchen Assistant Sue Moszynski
Kitchen Assistant Gina Hicks
Cooks' Assistant  
Dining Room Coordinator Ashleigh Ely
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Paula Pawloski
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Nancy Morin
Student Work Coordinator Jenna Dadmun
Student Work Coordinator Veronica Torruco

Cutter/Ziskind ext. 2384

Manager Rick Rubin (ext. 2318)
Chef Ilse Barron
Cook Gina Bendinelli
Relief Cook Kim Cook
Kosher Chef Hilary Mikucki
Kitchen Assistant Darlene Roberts
Kitchen Assistant Cathy Kolosewicz
Cooks' Assistant Tim Albin
Dining Room Coordinator Linda Sbrega
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Lou Anne Mathers
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Nancy Morin
Floater Chef Bob Tacy
Floater Dining Room Coordinator Elaine Zach
Student Work Coordinators Asha Haynes
Amyrah Arroyo

Gillett/Northrop ext. 2363/2373

Manager Rick Rubin (ext. 2318)
Chef Tim Zima
Cook Allan Shepard
Dining Room Coordinator Abby Skorupski
Relief Cook Nancy Long
Cook's Assistant Marek Szocik
Floater Relief Cook  
Kitchen Assistant Meg Kennedy-Nelson
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Carrie Burgielewicz
Student Work Coordinator Behany Dus

Hubbard ext. 2366

Manager Pat Mahar (ext. 2322)
Chef Rich Gilbert   
Cook Tina Atkinson
Relief Cook Lori McFarland
Kitchen Assistant Glenn Delisle
Cooks' Assistant Michelle Daley
Dining Room Coordinator Ajna Maric
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Tierney Richi
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Jesse Ferriter
Student Work Coordinator Dakota (Coco) Young

King/Scales ext. 2368

Manager Pat Mahar (ext. 2322)
Chef Joe McNeish
Cook Janie Fisher
Relief Cook Ann Howell
Kitchen Assistant Karen Devino
Kitchen Assistant Nancy Meuse
Cooks' Assistant Jonathan Jacques
Dining Room Coordinator Sandy Hennessy
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Kathy Haskell
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Ginny Mayer
Floater Relief Cook German Alvarado
Student Work Coordinators Emily Hooker
Anne Doyle

Lamont ext. 2369

Manager Patrick Diggins (ext. 2311)
Chef Joe Menzyk   
Cook John Storozuk
Relief Cook Mike Cronin
Kitchen Assistant Jamie Pfisterer
Relief Kitchen Asst.  
Cooks' Assistant Rashad Uqdah
Dining Room Coordinator Melissa Nichols
Relief Dining Room Coordinator Carrie Burgielewicz
Student Work Coordinators Monica Swartz
Jenny Huang

Morrow/Wilson ext. 2383

Manager Franny Krushinsky (ext. 2317)
Chef Dennis Seymour
Cook's Assistant Nancy Hall
Student Work Coordinator Cassiopeia Lee

Tyler ext. 2379

Manager Ann Finley (ext. 2304)
Chef Lisa Dwinell
Cook Chris Curtis
Relief Cook Gary Wickland
Floater Cook Matt Cook
Floater Cook Mark Frary
Kitchen Assistant Lori Gessing
Kitchen Assistant Moises Torres
Dining Room Coordinator E.J. Lynch
Morning Dining Room Coordinator Katie Malone
Relief Dining Room Coordinator  
Floater Dining Room Coordinator/KA Terry Corrigan
Student Work Coordinator Marissa (Missy) Kubik
Marianna Januario

Campus Center Café ext. 2331

Manager Patty Hentz (ext. 2326)
Catering Cook Lisa Seymour
Catering Cook Carol Kelly
Lead Catering Chef Sonya Yelder
Cook's Assistant a.m. Anne Stolarik
Cook's Assistant p.m. Marie Petrie
Kitchen Assistant Cathy Glazier
Kitchen Assistant Dan Gougeon
Kitchen Assistant Val Thompson
Kitchen Assistant Brian Subocz
Kitchen Assistant/Cashier Emily Juster
Catering Dining Room Coordinator Anita Durfer
Student Work Coordinators Elizabeth Markee-Behrends,
Maxine Batchler, Symone Gosby
Cafe CATERING Coordinator Melinda Pontes

Catering ext. 2356

Manager Ann Finley (ext. 2304)
Lead Catering Chef Gerry Dupre
Floater Relief Cook Marc Nichols
Lead Dining Room Coordinator Kim Osborne
Dining Room Coordinator Rebecca Thornton
Student Work Coordinator Katherine Osterlund
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