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Of the mind with the heart for the greater good. Teach!

Education and the study of learning touch every aspect of human activity. At the Smith College Department of Education and Child Study, we believe teaching and the study of how people learn are central to the health and future of our rapidly changing and diverse society.

Since 1871, Smith College has been preparing teachers and educational leaders who understand what it takes to create classrooms where students learn to engage their world critically, imaginatively and reflectively. Our alumni, faculty and students work on the most pressing social and human question of our time: How can educators create settings where all children can learn and flourish?

News & Announcements

Project Coach Co-Founders and Faculty Directors, Sam Intrator and Don Siegel, Investigate Out-Of-School Programs Helping Underserved Youth in Their New Book, The Quest for Mastery.

In The Quest for Mastery, Sam Intrator and Don Siegel investigate an emerging trend: the growth of out-of-school programs dedicated to helping underserved youth develop the personal qulaities and capacities that will help them succeed in school, college, and beyond.

Intensive programs from rowing to youth radio, from lacrosse to studio art, aim to create "communities of practice" that capture young people's interest and support them as they strive to excel.

By documenting the powerful effect out-of school programs like these can have in transforming lives, Intrator and Seigel show how young people can become engaged in meaningful and productive learning experiences.

Professor Rosetta Marantz Cohen Researches How Teachers Around the World Feel About Their Work

Professor Rosetta Marantz Cohen has been researching how teachers around the world feel about their work, revealing surprising similarities to their American counterparts. Her quest: To redefine the way we think about and value teachers.

Despite the vital role teachers play, actual public perceptions of teaching are eroding, even in countries like Japan where the profession was once venerated. Rosetta Cohen's research, featured in a recent article in Insight, offers insights into how to encourage smart, committed professionals to pursue lifelong careers in teaching- careers in which they remain passionate about their work and they are recognized and valued.


ShannonAudley-Piotrowski, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Child Study, Wins SAGE/STP Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award.

Shannon Audley-Piotrowski, Assistant Professor in Education and Child Study, just returned from the American Psychological Association (APA) 2013 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Professor Audley-Piotrowski co-chaired a symposium titled, "Open Pedagogy: How Open Educational Resources Shape Pedagogy: Student Perceptions of Effectiveness."

Audley-Piotrowski also won the SAGE/STP (Society for the Teaching of Psychology) Teaching Innovations and Professional Development Award.