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About the Conference

Mikaela Mroczynski '09 spent six months of her junior year conducting ethnographic research in Mongolia. Her Smith Elects the World presentation detailed a two-month maskmaking apprenticeship she completed in the country.

The annual Smith in the World Conference explores the relationship between formal classroom education and learning that takes place off-campus. The conference features students whose sustained off-campus experiences with internships, study abroad and community service have changed the arc of their educational careers and goals.

In their presentations, students explore and reflect on the insights, intellectual growth and learning that occur and address how their studies at Smith have shaped their off-campus endeavors and how those experiences have enriched their academic programs at Smith. Recent panels have featured students who worked with Tibetan Buddhists in China; volunteered at a hospital in Zimbabwe; and who did internships and community service in New Orleans, New York City, Springfield and Holyoke, and many other local, national and international locations.

Smith in the World is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College, the Lazarus Center for Career Development and the Committee on Academic Priorities.

Faculty members may nominate juniors and seniors to participate in the conference. Students may also nominate themselves, with support from a faculty member who is familiar with the student’s work. Nominations for the next conference should be submitted by completing the form. The deadline for submitting nominations for the 2015 conference was Friday, September 18.