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Webcast Technical Support

The webcast is being streamed to viewers using the Adobe Flash Media Player. To view the webcast you should have the free Adobe Flash Media player 9 or 10 installed on your computer. (Note: some browsers may not be capable of full-screen playback.)

Need the Flash player? Get it here >

Video Player Hangs, "Connecting to Server..."

Some firewalls can block access to live media streams. If you cannot access any video at all, please contact your local IT resources for assistance. It is likely that your organization's firewall is limiting access to streaming media. Our streams are delivered through ports 1935 and 80.

General Connection/Access Problem

Sometimes computers, corporate servers and ISPs cache Web pages. Press F5. Pressing F5 refreshes your connection to the webcast server and re-loads the webcast Web page and related content. This can often resolve a general connection problem. Users on congested Internet connections may experience lower quality video. We recommend using a DSL, cable modem, or T1 Internet connection.

Audio and Sound Problems

Be sure your laptop or PC speakers are "on," with the volume at an adequate level so that you can hear the audio portion of the webcast. You can also adjust sound levels through the Microsoft Windows Media Player’s on-screen volume controls and though the computer’s operating system by clicking on “Start”, select “Control Panel” select “Sounds and Audio Device Properties” and adjust the operating system’s volume levels from the “Sound” tab (be sure that the “Mute” box is NOT checked). Check to confirm you have the volume turned up at all three locations, the physical speaker controls, the Microsoft Windows Media Player controls and the computers control panel settings. All three volume controls must be un-muted and volume turned up for streaming audio to be heard.

Buffering and Freeze Frames

A congested local Internet connection will result in video buffering and freezing frames. Under very congested circumstances the video may stop streaming but the audio will continue. The video and audio might also start and stop intermittently when Internet connection congestion is experienced.

If you have technical problems during the webcast, contact Flying Colors at (888) 674-1078.