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What it takes to win a British Isles Fellowship

Updated 2/28/14

To apply for the Churchill, Gates, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, and a UK or Ireland Fulbright, students must first secure sponsorship through Smith College's Fellowship Program to obtain institutional endorsement to apply before embarking on the application process.
Only by first inquiring with the Fellowships Program will they know beforehand if the college would endorse their application.

What it takes to win a British Isles fellowship:

1) GPA of 4.0 or at least straight A's.
2) Primary research.
3) Publication, preferably research.
4) Conference or public presentation of your research or publication/s.
5) Leadership position/s.
6) Community contributions beyond membership or participation.
7) Health. Demonstrated care and exercise of your body and mind.
8) Applied altruism.
9) Superior articulation in language communication, written and oral.
10) Respectful, considerate engagement.

There is a world of difference between being officially eligible for high-odds fellowships (Rhodes 1.8% chance) as opposed to having a realistic chance of winning one because the official entry qualifications are nowhere near as accomplished as what the winners demonstrate.

Four factors the college must take into account when considering sponsorship of UK applications:

1) The motivation the applicant must argue for what she wants to study (an extension of what she has already studied and researched) where, and why at that university.
This degree must offer a program distinctive from programs offered in the US.

2) If she wants to apply for a Marshall then she must apply also for a Fulbright to the same university.
If applying for a Rhodes then apply also for a Marshall and Fulbright to the same Oxford program.

3) Marshall and Fulbright applications require a separate application directly to the university itself and, independent of the fellowships, successful admission to that degree program.
The Rhodes application doubles as an application to Oxford through 1) above.

4) Smith must be convinced the candidate has a strong chance of winning in order to risk its credibility in nothing less than an unreserved wholehearted endorsement of her application and her candidacy.


Thus for the Truman, attributes approaching those required for the Rhodes are required, albeit at a lower level since applicants are still only juniors.
Nevertheless, to win a Truman, applicants must be the caliber of student on track to win a Rhodes.

Additional considerations for Truman success suitability are
and at
the 10 criteria must be generously met to win.