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Message from the Board Chair

I can’t think of a more appropriate name for our campaign than “Women for the World.”

From the beginning, Smith women have looked beyond the gates of the campus, the borders of nations, and the limits of culture and circumstance. The college has touched nearly every aspect of society, changing the course of women’s lives and history, making the world more just, more open, and more united.

Where did this global vision come from? From Sophia Smith herself. Living in a small New England town in the mid-1800s, Sophia envisioned a college that would be a “perennial blessing to the country and to the world.” This is thinking large. We must do the same.

In launching this campaign, we are honoring Sophia Smith and all those trustees, alumnae, parents, and volunteers who, over the years, have followed in her footsteps and provided the means for this college to thrive. If there is urgency in our call to action, it is because we live in a time of urgent needs—one that demands women leaders who can and will improve the human condition, thoughtfully, in any endeavor they pursue. We know the world needs Smith, and we’re up for the challenge of delivering it. All of us must do our part to ensure that Smith’s most powerful years are still ahead.

Your gift, no matter its size, will allow us to accomplish our ambitious goals and will tell us that you support the Smith students of today and believe in their potential as the leaders of tomorrow. These leaders will affect the world not only through their own work, but also through the examples they will set, the glass ceilings they will shatter, the misperceptions they will dispel, and the children they may raise.

Together, we will create, support, educate, and inspire a new generation of women for the world.

Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard ’69
Chair, Smith College Board of Trustees