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Announcing the 21st-century Scholars Program

Kiara Gomez '14 Named Ninth 21st-century Scholar!

Alumnae from the classes of 2000 through 2013, also known as 21st-century alumnae, can support Smith students through the 21st-century Scholars Program.

More than 1,000 alumnae in the classes of 2000-2013 have already contributed over $80,000 in Smith Fund support this fiscal year, resulting in the naming of our ninth Scholar, Kiara Gomez '14. Kiara is a Geosciences major from Astoria, New York. Read more about Kiara!

The 21st-century Scholars Program is powered by the participation of all recent graduates. For every $20,000 in Smith Fund support raised by these classes, a student will be named as a Scholar. This year, our goal is to raise $120,000 from these millennial classes and name six student Scholars.

Read more about previous scholars:

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