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Benefited Leaves

Spending time away from work is important to achieve a good balance between work and life. Smith understands this and provides many opportunities for flexibility to spend time as needed.

Family-Related Leaves

Childbearing and other family-related issues can present significant challenges to employees. Balancing work and other college commitments while coping with a new baby or a family emergency can be stressful. Smith works hard to achieve an environment that is supportive of family needs by offering family leave, paternal leave, adoption leave and flexible work schedules.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Wherever possible Smith strives to be flexible to help employees achieve a balance between work and home responsibilities. Managers will carefully consider requests for arrangements such as flextime, job sharing and part-time employment.


Smith observes a number of holidays throughout the year. Whenever possible, department heads are encouraged to grant time off for the observance of religious and other holidays that are not official college holidays. This time off may be taken as personal time, vacation or short-term absence without pay.

Essential Staff

Essential services must continue during scheduled breaks and some staff may be required to work based on operational needs. Department heads and chairs should determine staffing coverage for essential services and discuss those arrangements with staff as far in advance as possible.

If you have any questions or require more information, please call human resources at (413) 585-2270.

Personal Time

Paid personal time is available for use in the case of family illness or emergencies, or to meet other personal obligations which arise. You may also use your personal time to observe a religious or other holiday which is not an official college holiday or in the event of inclement weather when the college is not officially closed. Additional personal time off is granted by Smith for bereavement leave, jury duty leave and military reserve training and leave.


Vacations are important for rest and relaxation and Smith encourages you to use your full vacation allotment each year. Vacation entitlement varies depending on whether you work an academic or full-year position. Administrative staff in academic-year positions are entitled to approximately 10 recess days per year to be taken during official school recess periods. In regular positions, employees accrue vacation at 1.67 days per month up to 20 days per year. Administrative support staff in regular positions accrue vacation weekly, depending on years of service.