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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General Policies

Equal Employment OpportunitySection 100
Diversity: Our Vision Section 101
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Section 102
Disability Services Section 103
Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Section 104
Conflict of Interest Section 105
Media Relations Section 106
Political Activities Section 107
Solicitation Section 108
Records Management Section 109
Substance Use and Abuse Section 110
Smoke-Free Work Environment Section 111
Indemnification – Legal Liability Section 112

Chapter 2: Employment at Smith

Employment Categories Section 200
Employment Policies Section 201
Promotions and Transfers Section 202
Orientation and Review Period Section 203
Work Schedules Section 204
Time & Attendance Records Section 205
Outside Employment Situations Section 206
Personnel Records Section 207
Code of Conduct Section 208
Standards of Conduct Section 209
Use of College Systems, Equipment & Facilities Section 210
Performance Standards Section 211
Grievance Procedure Section 212
Safety on the Job Section 213
When Your Employment Ends Section 214
Employee Recognition Section 215
Background Checking Section 216

Chapter 3: Salary Administration & Compensation

Pay ProceduresSection 300
Overtime Pay Section 301
Position Classficiation Section 302
Performance Management Process Section 303
Salary Administration Guidelines Section 304

Chapter 4: Benefits

Overview and Eligibility RequirementsSection 400
Benefits Eligibility Section 401
Benefit Programs Section 402
Tuition Assistance Benefits (College) Section 403
Tuition Assistance Benefits (Precollege) Section 404
Caring for Children Section 405
Retirement Planning Section 406
Housing Assistance Section 407

Chapter 5: Time-Off Benefits & Leave Plans

Time-Off Benefits and Leave Plans Section 500
Holidays Section 501
Personal Time Section 502
Vacation for Exempt/Administrative Staff Section 503
Vacation for Non-Exempt/Admin. Support Staff Section 504
Sick Leave for Exempt/Administrative Staff Section 505
Sick Leave for Non-Exempt/Admin. Support Staff Section 506
Sick Leave Bank Section 507
Bereavement Leave Section 508
Jury Duty Leave Section 509
Military Reserve Training Section 510
Active Military Duty Leave Section 511
Parental Leave (formerly Maternity, Paternity) Section 512
Adoption Leave Section 513
Family Leave Section 514
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Section 515
Small Necessities Leave Act (SNLA) Section 516
Short-Term Absence Without Pay Section 517
Leave Without Pay Section 518
Long-Term Disability Leave Procedures Section 519
Workers' Compensation Benefits Section 520
A Day of Public Service for Each Employee Section 521
Domestic Violence Leave Rights Section 522
Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Policy Section 523

Chapter 6: General Information & Services

Campus Police Section 600
Weather or Emergency Closings Section 601
Community Services Section 602
Community Involvement Section 603