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Applicant Management System (HireTouch)

Smith College uses HireTouch, a web-based job posting and recruiting software program that streamlines the entire recruitment and candidate management process.

HireTouch allows for an automated approval process of the position authorization, collection of employment applications online, electronic screening of candidates, distribution of applications electronically to hiring managers and search committees, and communication with candidates via e-mail.

The use of HireTouch results in shorter timeframes for filling jobs and provides more cost-efficient recruitment that draws a more diverse pool of candidates. Hiring managers and those related to the posting will be provided with hands-on training when they have a position to post.

Note: You must either user Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 3.6. If you need assistance with your Web browser, please contact the User Support Center, at (413) 585-4487.

Staff Hiring

Prior to starting the online posting process

Using HireTouch

Please Note

*Agency temp employees are not paid by Smith. For those departments requesting that the budget office provide funding for an agency temp, the authorization must be completed through HireTouch. If a department has pooled funding, they can contact an approved agency directly for a hire. Human resources continues to recommend that agency temps be used whenever possible.

Casual Employees

All casual employees will be hired using HireTouch. Hiring managers must complete a position authorization in HireTouch, specifically the Budget and Casual/Temporary section, and have it approved.

Once the position has been approved and the individual has completed his or her application, that person can be hired and set up on Web Time Entry. Until the hiring process is completed, the new employee should not work and will not get paid.

Summer Returning Smith Students

All summer positions for returning Smith students will be advertised and hired through JobX.

To review the hiring procedures for JobX, go to www.smith.edu/finaid/fao/summerjobx.php.

Please note that employing a returning Smith student during the summer is a separate process from that of hiring a student during the academic year. Thus, all student employees must be hired into new summer positions, even those who are continuing work from the academic year. The two hiring terms will be defined by the position number being used. Academic-year students will be hired into SP#### numbers and all summer returning Smith students will be hired into new SU#### numbers; the CW Index number will no longer be used.

Please contact the budget office at budget@smith.edu with the following three items to get your SU#### position number assigned.

  1. Short job title
  2. Approver's name (Banner allows for one approver)
  3. Funding source: fund/grant number or organization number

Employee Definitions

Casual Temporary: Paid by Smith. Individuals who work part time more than three months ongoing (less than 17.5 hours per week) or full time, up to five months.

Intermittent Casuals: Paid by Smith. Individuals who work less than 64 hours per month, generally pooled funds.

Summer/Seasonal Casual: Paid by Smith. Individuals who work more than 64 hours per month, up to three months.

Departments should continue to send newly hired or rehired casuals (those individuals who have never worked at Smith or have not been paid by Smith within the last 12 months) to human resources within the first three days of their first work date, to complete their employment paperwork and Form I-9.