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Union 211 at Smith College

There have been unions at Smith College, serving as employee representatives, for at least 50 years. Smith has seven unions and is currently in active successor collective bargaining negotiations with one of these unions, Local 211 of SEIU (dining services). The college and the union have benefited from positive labor relations and have a long tradition of negotiating mutually fair and equitable bargaining agreements.

Since May 7, 2013, we have held ongoing negotiation sessions on campus. Heading into our negotiations, our workplace market analysis confirmed that the college’s pay, benefits and general working conditions for our housekeeping and dining services employees continue to be highly competitive with other employers in the region. The current contract reflects concessions made over multiple years of negotiations and offers generous provisions for time off, sick leave, and access to the full range of generous benefits at Smith.

UPDATE: We are happy to report that on October 9, 2013, the college and Local 211 reached a tentative agreement on a contract settlement, pending ratification by their membership. The college looks forward to continuing its positive relationship with its employees.