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Letter to Families

Dear Families,

As your daughter prepares to study in the United States, you must be excited yet unsure of sending her so far away from home. Let me assure you that you are not alone. Last year over 800,000 international students studied in the United States and, of those, more than 350 did so at Smith College. We have students from over 70 countries that have chosen to call Smith College their home. Most students are here for four years; some students transfer to Smith for two years and a few come for one year on our visiting and exchange student programs.

As Associate Dean for International Students and Scholars, I supervise support programs for international students and advise them in all co-curricular matters. As a women's college, we pay close attention to the academic progress and overall well-being of our students. Our campus is safe, and our small city of Northampton and the surrounding communities are friendly and eager to welcome our students.

My office also administers many programs during the year including ISP (International Student Pre-Orientation), special dinners during the semester, vacation housing when students cannot go home and internships during the summer and after graduation. In addition, the office helps with financial matters and provides assistance during emergencies.

International students are an important group within the Smith community. They contribute a great deal to the diversity and global interconnections for students, faculty and staff. They hold leadership positions on campus, they are engaged in rigorous academic programs and graduate from Smith with distinction. Many continue their studies at the most prestigious graduate schools in the United States; others return home to work in careers in business, the sciences and education.

Students at Smith receive solid academic training, graduate with a greater understanding of the world and are better prepared for the future. With that in mind, I hope your daughter will decide to attend Smith and that you will not hesitate to call or write should you have any questions.


Caitlin Szymkowicz
Associate Dean for International Students and Scholars