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The documents below introduce new students, staff, and faculty to the basics of the Smith computing environment. Each document provides essential information that will help you use the Smith network effectively and securely.

Questions? Call the ITS User Support Center at extension 4487 or send email to We'll be glad to help.

Account Request Forms

To obtain a new Novell, Sophia, or Banner account, you must first fill out a printed copy of the appropriate account request form. This document contains links to printable versions of our basic account request forms.

Introduction to the Smith Network
A network is a group of computers connected by electrical signals that are conveyed usually, but not always, over a cable or wire. Smith uses a Novell Netware network and fiber optic cables to connect the PCs, Macintosh computers, and network printers on campus to bigger machines called file servers. This document explains basic network terminology and operations.

Introduction to ResNet for Students
ResNet is the Smith College Residence Network. It provides access from all on-campus residence houses to electronic resources, both on-campus and on the Internet, over Smith's high speed campus-wide network. This document explains what students need to be able to connect to ResNet, and describes the software and services that ResNet makes available.

Managing Files on the Smith Network

If you keep your computer files on your local hard drive (the C: drive), they are not as safe as they are on the college's network drives. This document explains how to save your files on the Smith network, thereby ensuring that they are routinely backed up and protected from unauthorized access.

Choosing and Changing Passwords
Smith's connection to the Internet provides us all with access to the world, but it also provides hackers with a connection they can use to try to invade Smith systems. This document explains how to choose secure (non-intuitive) passwords and change those password periodically, so you can protect your accounts and all the systems on which you work.

Fighting Viruses and Malware
New computer viruses and malware scams crop up every day, but luckily most are fairly easy to detect and remove. This page explains how to use the tools provided by Smith to help protect your own files and applications, as well as those of your colleagues and correspondents.

Telephone Basics
The Smith telephone system includes a voicemail system that records greetings and messages for you. This page lists documents that explain how to use our Nortel phones, access your voicemail messages, and change voicemail options.

Preparing to Receive a New Smith-Owned Computer from ITS
This page contains important information for any faculty or staff member scheduled to receive a new Smith-owned computer from ITS.



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