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Since Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) does not have built-in support for RSS feeds, you must install an external RSS feed reader in order to subscribe to and view RSS feeds.

One popular and well-tested RSS feed reader is called Feedreader. Visit the Feedreader web site for more information, or download a free copy from the File Forum download site.

For an extensive list of other downloadable feed readers, see:

Using Feedreader

Once you have Feedreader installed on your computer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the page that offers an RSS feed of interest to you.

    For example, eDigest contains a page that offers several different RSS feeds:

  2. Click on an RSS feed you'd like to subscribe to. If you see a page with just code, you're in the right place.

    For example, here's the page for the Faculty & Staff Notices RSS feed from eDigest:

  3. Once you're viewing the page of code, select the full URL for the page from the address bar.

  4. Close Internet Explorer (optional).

  5. Open Feedreader.

  6. Go to File, then New, then Feed.

  7. In the Add Feed box, paste in the URL you copied earlier, then click the Ok button.

  8. Click on any item in the Title list to view its content in the panel on the right.

  9. When you're finished reading items of interest, close Feedreader.

  10. Re-open Feedreader whenever you want to add a new feed or check for new items from your current RSS feeds.

    Note: Feedreader shows only the new items added to an RSS feed. If the same item appeared in the title list on a previous date, it will not be listed again.

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