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Smith College maintains a campus-wide data network that provides high-speed access to resources both on and off campus. Virtually all parts of the campus, including all residence houses, have network access via wireless or wired connections.

Wireless computing

Other general information
Student information
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Faculty & Staff
: For information about using and maintaining Smith network printers, please see the Printing page.

Wireless Computing

Choosing a wireless network  Updated
Smith provides wireless access points in most locations across campus. This document describes the available networks and connection requirements for Smith, non-Smith, and Five College users.

Using the Eduroam wireless network  Updated
Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure roaming-access service that allows students, faculty, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to connect wirelessly to the Internet on their home campus and at participating institutions worldwide.

Connecting a wireless peripheral device to the Smith network
This document explains which types of wireless devices can be connected to the Smith network and provides further information and instructions.

Supported and unsupported devices
This document explains why some consumer devices cannot be used on the Smith wireless network.

Changing your default wireless network
This document explains how to set Eduroam or any other Smith wireless network as the default choice for a device on campus.

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Other General Connection Information

Using a Macintosh to connect to your Novell network DATAVOL
Macintosh users must create a connection to their DATAVOL on the Smith network in order to access their home directory, dropbox, or shared drives. This document explains how to create a DATAVOL icon on your desktop, so you can easily connect to the network anytime.

Smith software download site

Click here to log in to the Smith software download site. Smith students, faculty, and staff can use this site to download Microsoft Security Essentials and many other useful applications.

Introduction to the Smith network
A network is a group of computers connected by electrical signals that are conveyed usually, but not always, over a cable or wire. Smith uses a Novell Netware network and fiber optic cables to connect the PCs, Macintosh computers, and network printers on campus to bigger machines called file servers. This document explains basic network terminology and operations.

Managing files on the Smith network
If you keep your computer files on your local hard drive (the C: drive), they are not as safe as they are on the college's network drives. This document explains how to save your files on the Smith network, thereby ensuring that they are routinely backed up and protected from unauthorized access.

Backing up your computer files
All kinds of technology disasters can damage your computer files or make them inaccessible. But as long as you routinely "back up" your files (that is, save up-to-date copies in more than one location), your hard work will be protected. This document explains how to back up files using your network (H:) drive and/or portable storage devices such as CD-ROMs, jump drives, or DVDs.

Choosing and changing passwords
Smith's connection to the Internet provides us all with access to the world, but it also provides hackers with a connection they can use to try to invade Smith systems. This document explains how to choose secure (non-intuitive) passwords and change those password periodically, so you can protect your accounts and all the systems on which you work.

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Student Information

Disabling Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing
Many students are unaware that their computers are sharing copyrighted files. Because of the functionality built into peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software such as Kazaa and LimeWire, copyrighted audio and video files on your computer may be available to others for downloading over the Internet without your knowledge or permission. This document explains how to disable or remove P2P software.

Minimum Computer Requirements
This document shows the minimum computer requirements to work in our network environment and support standard software.

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Questions or Comments

For general network support and troubleshooting, call the User Support Center at 413-585-4487 from 8:00 am -10:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 10:00 am -10:00 pm on weekends.

ITS is continually exploring new ways to further enhance the capabilities of the Smith network. Student feedback is an important part of this process, so please send your comments and suggestions to

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