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Student Liaisons 2013-2014


Emma Cooke '14

I'm a Neuroscience major and Jewish Studies minor, entering my senior year in fall 2013. I hadn't planned to pursue a humanities minor, but focusing on Jewish Studies has given me the chance to engage in a completely different kind of learning than in the sciences. I've taken courses in Hebrew, Israeli literature, Yiddish film, and Judaism and the environment, and also had the chance to take courses in Jewish Studies while studying abroad in Canada. The Jewish Studies faculty is amazing and the course offerings are both diverse and stimulating; I've had the chance to study a variety of interesting subjects that I never expected to and that proved very rewarding. I would definitely recommend Jewish Studies as a major or minor, particularly to people who might be in seemingly "incompatible" fields-it offers a chance to read, reflect and refine your thinking. I'm very glad I decided to take a Jewish Studies FYS my first semester-it opened up a whole new path that I otherwise wouldn't have known about!


Current Jewish Studies Majors
Current Jewish Studies Minors
Kayla Blum '15 Lindsey Hutchinson '15
Suri Roth Katz '15 Laura Lubben '15
Emily Rothman'15  
Sasha Gayle-Schneider '16  



Alumnae Majors in Jewish Studies

Danya Bocarsly '14 Rebecca Peterson'11
Brittany Caine '14 Amelia Stehn '11
Sophie Fierst '14 Andria Davis '10
Sarah Greenberg '14 Elizabeth Jacobson '10
Allison Wessells '14 Yael Langer '10
Emily Dennen '13 Rachel Srebro '10
Carole Renard '13 Chantel Braley '10
Katy Swartz '13 Rhian Roberts'10
Casey Zierler '13 Samantha Glashaw '09
Rachel Wetmore '12 Emily Pratt '09
Anna Allen'11 Sarah Goeppinger '08
Reyna Levine '11 Sheira Schiff '08
Lisa Meyers '11 Gabrielle Thal Pruzan '08
Elizabeth Niehoff '11  

Alumnae in Self Designed Majors in Jewish Studies

Kara Spezeski '95 Alisa Klein '91
Rachel Kotok '94 Amy Trachtenberg '91
Danielle Conhaim '94 Jennifer Roemer '91
Heidi Meikrantz '93 Stacey Bloom '91
Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz '93 Nancy Polsky '91
Shoshanna Korn-Meyer '93 Suzette Rodriquez '91
Rachel Janow '93 Linda Hamo '90
Elizabeth Dembitzer '92 Mary Reynolds '88
Jennifer Gilbert-Kaufmann '92 Michele Gessman '88
Liza Cristol-Deman '92 Rebecca Yazel '88
Sharon Goldberg '92 Sara Silverman '88
Abagail Goldberg '92 Heidi Janow '88