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Upcoming Graduate School Events:

UMass Center for Public Policy and Administration
Accelerated Master of Public Policy 
Information Session
Monday, March 23, 4:00pm
Lazarus Center Workshop Room
The accelerated Master of Public Policy program educates students to become public and nonprofit sector leaders, as well as effective advocates for social change. This interdisciplinary degree program allows students to earn a policy-focused master's degree just one year after completing their undergraduate studies. 
Application deadline: April 30, 2015

The decision to attend a graduate or professional school and when to attend are questions with answers which are unique for each individual. Use these pages to advise and assist you when deciding upon you own path.

Deciding to Apply

There is no “timeline” of when or if one is supposed to attend a post-Smith education. For many, the reason to attend a graduate program is to satisfy a personal journey:

When your reason to attend a graduate program has motivated you, begin to evaluate your credentials and explore the various graduate programs. Consult with others who can assist you in your endeavor:

Your decision to attend graduate school should be carefully planned and strategically crafted.


Need more help? Schedule an appointment with a Lazarus Center Advisor: (413) 585-2582