Student Artists' Books on View in Hillyer

Books made by students in ARH268, Artists Books in the 20th Century, are now on view in Hillyer Art Library.

Gate 22 by Misha Kydd

February 8 - March 4, 2013
Hillyer Art Library
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Exhibition of Student Artists' Books

ARH268, Artists Books in the 20th Century, was developed by Martin Antonetti as a historical survey of the emergence of the artists' book, and the ways that artists, writers, artisans and publishers have used the form of the book to shape and respond to the many shifts in social, cultural and economic life over the last century.

The course centers on Smith’s own collections in the Mortimer Rare Book Room, and provides students with a guided investigation into these wonderful resources. When asked to teach the course this fall, Meredith Broberg chose to stretch the parameters so that students could experiment with making their own books. This exhibit highlights their final projects, in which each student developed her own content and designed the structure that best suited her idea. 

Visit Hillyer Art Library to see the impressive results of this assignment, all the more since since these are the students' very first book projects. 


book by Marion Gajonera

Scrupled Thoughts by Marion Gajonera

Book by Sofia Contino

In limine (On the Threshold) by Sofia Contino


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