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Remember to return all library books by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, August 17.
An accomplished librarian with more than two decades of leadership at Mount Holyoke, Dartmouth and Harvard, Susan Fliss will begin her appointment on September 1.
Neilson is open M-Th 8 am-10 pm, F 8 am-6 pm, Sa 10 am-6 pm, Su 10 am-10 pm. Hillyer and Young are open M-F 9 am-4 pm; Josten is open 12-2 pm, or by appointment,
Visit the blog created in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Sophia Smith Collection.
An exhibition curated by Jessica Ryan, Ada Class of 2017 accompanying the 2016 Enid Mark Lecture in Contemporary Book Arts & Poetry. On view through July 31.
An exhibition on the artist as collector, Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library, level 3, through July 31, 2016
Read about our vision for the future of Smith Libraries in Transformations: Smith Libraries in the 21st Century.
Archival exhibits created by students in the Archives Concentration are on view in the Alumnae Gym through August.
This exhibition of books and images—from Smith College Special Collections—is on view through August 2016.
Entering students will meet in small groups to discuss the book. Copies are available in Neilson Library.
If your students have a library research assignment, now is the time to start thinking about when to add library instruction to your class syllabus. Please use our new form to schedule a session.
Try our new service that helps you browse the collection of Smith College Libraries' DVD's.
Smith and Five College students, faculty, and staff can use SmithSecure; all others can use SmithGuest.
Have you ever been surprised to find that your password still works for Smith Mail, but you can't log on to a networked computer or connect to Moodle?