Staff ID - Meet Gail Adametz

Learn more about one of our longest standing staff members -- 47 years at Smith!

Gail Adametz
Circulation/Technical Services Associate
in the Young Science Library
(413) 585-2882,


Gail has been with Smith an amazing 47 years! Her current duties in the Science Library include assisting patrons at the service desk, payroll, billing, approving and processing invoices for serials, checking in serials, and processing new books. She is local -- born and raised in Florence.

We asked Gail a few questions about her job and life.

What is the best part of your job?

Meeting and getting to know the students.

What is your favorite book from your childhood, and why?

Heidi, because I was very much taken by the story of a little girl being shipped off to a strange new land and having to live with a grumpy old man.  I loved meeting her best friend and sharing their adventures.  The character Heidi’s love for everyone and everything affected everyone around her, especially her grandfather.

What inspired you to work in a library?

I applied at Smith, received a letter about a year later to come to interview for a position in the library.  My interview was conducted by the librarian, Miss Johnson, on the bench in the foyer of Neilson.  I was offered the science library position, I accepted and the rest is history.

What do you like to do the most when you are not at work?

Read, garden, visit with family and friends.

What is the most rewarding thing that has happened to you recently?

The accomplishments my children are making in their lives.  I watched my son Kurt follow his dream and become an amazing and beautiful dancer.  He became a world dance champion, and now belongs to a dance company that will be performing in Europe, along with a second trip to Russia, by invitation, to perform there again.  My daughter Erica is working very hard for the department of Education in Massachusetts leading a team on a project to redo the report card system.  This involved meetings with the Commissioner, which few people in the department have gotten the opportunity to do.  It’s a very big deal to have your name appear in the Commissioner’s weekly meeting email!

Stop by and say "hello" to Gail in the Science Library.