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Students in GER 299: "Exhibiting the Visual Art of Interwar Germany 1924-1940" curated an exhibition of German picture card albums produced in the 1920s and 1930s.
Drop in to one of the clinics in the next few weeks to learn more about these free and easy to use tools.
An exhibition of bookstore bags from around the world curated by Naomi Sinnathamby, class of 2015, Book Arts Gallery, Neilson Library, Level 3, January 26-February 28.
Browse our new gateway to digital collections and online exhibitions unique to Smith College.
An exhibition of books from the Finison collection curated by Emily Rothman, class of 2015, Mortimer Rare Book Room, Neilson Library, Level 3, January 26-February 28.
Try our new service that helps you browse the collection of Smith College Libraries' DVD's.
Smith faculty talk about their use of library resources for teaching and research with Michelle Anderer '15 and Zane Razzaq '15.
New audiovisual material is being digitized and added the the SSC's Streaming Media page. Check back often to see the latest additions.
Josten Performing Arts Library is circulating four soprano and two tenor ukuleles thanks to the Friends of the Libraries and the Department of Music​.
Students Michelle Anderer '15 and Zane Razzaq '15 asked a number of students and faculty what they love about the Smith College Libraries. See what they have to say.
Smith and Five College students, faculty, and staff can use SmithSecure; all others can use SmithGuest.
Have you ever been surprised to find that your password still works for Smith Mail, but you can't log on to a networked computer or connect to Moodle?