Staff ID - Meet Reese Julian

Learn more about the Circulation Manager in Neilson Library, and avid cat rescuer.

Reese Julian, Neilson Circulation Manager
(413) 585-4162,


Reese is the Circulation Manager and supervises the Circulation staff in Neilson Library. He oversees all things "Circulation," which includes borrowing, reserves, billing, and Five College delivery. He also hires, trains, and supervises the student assistants in Neilson Library and monitors the safety and facilities issues for Neilson.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Reese came to Smith two and a half years ago. Prior to that he was the Evening Supervisor at the Pendergrass Agricultural/Veterinary Medicine Library at the University of Tennessee. His first library job was Cataloging Assistant/Weekend Circulation Supervisor at Birmingham-Southern College in the BSC Library. Today Reese can be found behind the Neilson Library Circulation Desk during the daytime hours Monday through Friday.

When he’s not taking care of Circulation, Reese and his wife, Kathryn, take care of a number of feral cats that live near their apartment, including capturing them to be spayed/neutered. Coincidentally, Reese tells us that he has found that he’s quite adept at accidentally trapping possums when using traps for feral cats. However, he’s not too great at releasing them.

We asked Reese a few question so we can learn more about the man behind the counter.

What do you like most about your job?

Interacting with students, faculty and staff, and the unpredictable nature of what will be asked at the Circulation desk.

What do you like to do most when you are not at work?

Reese Julian

I enjoy running, hiking, reading, watching movies and tv shows, watching soccer, trying new beers, and hanging out with my cat, Kitty Girl.

What are you currently reading?

Pinball, 1973 by Haruki Murakami. This is the second of Murakami's novels and is not published in the United States. Since I'm a fan of Murakami, it's interesting to see how his novels and ideas have evolved since his early writing. This particular novel is not his best, but does focus on a character he has written four books about. It also features a healthy obsession with pinball

Do you have any funny or weird library experiences to share?

One of the strangest things I've ever done in any position was trapping a bat in Neilson the first year I worked here. It started with a student stopping by the Circulation desk to inform us that a bat was flying in slow arcs on the third floor. I investigated and the bat immediately almost buzzed the side of my head, which elicited a loud shriek from me, much to the delight and chagrin of the students studying in their carrels nearby. The whole situation evoked strong memories of Bill Murray chasing Slimer in Ghostbusters. Thankfully, with the help of two Smith students, I was able to trap the bat in a cardboard box. We successfully released it outside where it is hopefully still terrorizing librarians in the area.

Be sure to stop by the Neilson Library Circulation desk and say "hello" to Reese!