Meet the Libraries' Staff

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Gail Adametz Gail Adametz
Young Technical Services/Circulation Associate
Young Science Library, Smith College Storage Facility
(413) 585-2882
Martin Antonetti Martin Antonetti
Curator of Rare Books
Mortimer Rare Book Room
(413) 585-2907
Barbara Blumenthal Barbara Blumenthal
Rare Book Specialist
Mortimer Rare Book Room
(413) 585-2906
Cheri Hardy Cheri Hardy
Circulation Night Supervisor
Neilson Library
(413) 585-4164
F. Reese Julian F. Reese Julian
Circulation Manager
Neilson Library
(413) 585-4162
Karen Kukil Karen Kukil
Associate Curator of Special Collections
Mortimer Rare Book Room
(413) 585-2908
Elisa Lanzi Elisa Lanzi
Director of Digital Strategies & Services
Neilson Library
(413) 585-2912
Mimi Lempart Mimi Lempart
Electronic & Continuing Resources Supervisor
Neilson Library
(413) 585-2925
Jinny Mason Jinny Mason
Administrative Assistant
Neilson Library
(413) 585-2902
Barbra Polowy Barbara Polowy
Head of the Hillyer Art Library
Interim Director for Teaching, Learning & Research
Hillyer Art Library
(413) 585-2941
Rose Reynolds Rose Reynolds
Electronic Resources Associate
(413) 585-2984
Chris Ryan Christina Ryan
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Neilson Library
(413) 585-2962
Pamela Skinner Pamela Skinner
Head of Collection Development
Neilson Library
(413) 585-2961
Molly Twarog Molly Twarog
Library Systems Associate
Neilson Library
(413) 585-3558
Marlene Wong Marlene Wong
Head of the Werner Josten Library
Josten Performing Arts Library
(413) 585-2931