Staff & Contacts A-Z

Name Job Title Location Phone
Kelly Anderson Oral Historian Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2975
Sika Berger User Experience Librarian Neilson Library (413) 585-2963
Joseph Bialek Preparations/Stacks Supervisor Neilson Library (413) 585-2927
Barbara Blumenthal Rare Book Specialist Neilson Library, Mortimer Rare Book Room (413) 585-2906
Mary Lou Bouley Catalog and Metadata Librarian Neilson Library (413) 585-2924
Nichole Calero Administrative Assistant Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2973
Maureen Callahan Sophia Smith Archivist Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2981
Tristan Chambers Digital Library Applications Administrator Neilson Library (413) 585-2983
Susan Daily Interlibrary Loan Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-2962
Lisa DeCarolis Hillyer Circulation Coordinator Hillyer Art Library (413) 585-2942
Matthew Durand Hillyer Technical Services/Circulation Associate Hillyer Art Library (413) 585-2943
Amanda Ferrara Manuscripts Processor Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2919
Susan Fliss Dean of Libraries Neilson Library (413) 585-2902
Catherine Flynn Circulation Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-4161
Anders Griffen Science Circulation Coordinator Neilson Library, Young Science Staff (413) 585-2882
Amy Hague Research Services Archivist Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2977
Josephine Hernandez Science Reference Librarian Neilson Library, Young Science Staff (413) 585-2885
Danny Hescock Administrative Assistant Neilson Library (413) 585-2902
Anne Houston Director of Teaching, Learning & Research Neilson Library (413) 585-2911
Mary Irwin Development Officer Neilson Library (413) 585-2903
Margaret Jessup Digital Preservation Archivist Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2985
Jasmine Jones Metadata and Technical Services Archivist Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2986
F. Reese Julian Circulation Manager Neilson Library (413) 585-4162
Karen Kukil Associate Curator of Special Collections Mortimer Rare Book Room, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2908
Jenna Lanterman Electronic Resources Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-2925
Elisa Lanzi Director of Digital Strategies & Services Neilson Library (413) 585-2912
Eric Loehr Head of Library Technology Services Neilson Library (413) 585-2969
Amanda MacLeod Metadata Archivist Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2972
Glen Mahoney Electronic Resources Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-2923
Patricia Mailler Collection Services Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-2926
Jason Mazzotta Josten Collection Services/Circulation Associate Josten Performing Arts Library (413) 585-2934
Patricia Messier Cataloger Neilson Library (413) 585-2887
Michele LaFleur Circulation Night Supervisor Neilson Library (413) 585-4164
Elizabeth Myers Director of Special Collections Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2978
Miriam Neptune Digital Scholarship Librarian Neilson Library (413) 585-2967
Kathleen Banks Nutter Accessioning Archivist Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2970
Brendan O'Connell Instructional Technology Librarian Neilson Library (413) 585-6597
Rob O'Connell Director of Discovery & Access Neilson Library (413) 585-2921
Allison G. Page Library Redesign Project Manager Neilson Library (413) 585-2987
Rocco Piccinino Head of the Young Science Library Neilson Library, Young Science Staff (413) 585-2951
Barbara Polowy Head of the Hillyer Art Library Hillyer Art Library (413) 585-2941
Maria Rao Circulation Associate/Billing Neilson Library (413) 585-4160
Rose Reynolds Electronic Resources Librarian Neilson Library (413) 585-2984
Christina Ryan Interlibrary Loan Supervisor Neilson Library (413) 585-2962
Elizabeth Sheirer Digital Library Services Specialist Neilson Library (413) 585-2964
Pamela Skinner Head of Collection Development Neilson Library (413) 585-2961
Janet Spongberg Josten Circulation Coordinator Josten Performing Arts Library (413) 585-2932
Shannon Supple Curator of Rare Books Neilson Library, Mortimer Rare Book Room (413) 585-2907
Dominique Tremblay Circulation Associate/Reserves Neilson Library (413) 585-4163
Molly Twarog Library Systems Associate Neilson Library (413) 585-3558
Lucinda Williams Acquisitions Supervisor Neilson Library (413) 585-2982
Marlene Wong Head of the Werner Josten Library Josten Performing Arts Library (413) 585-2931
Nanci Young College Archivist College Archives, Alumnae Gym (413) 585-2976
Marlene Znoy Library Technology Services Specialist Neilson Library (413) 585-2957