Whether an alumna, faculty member, administrator or staff-member, you may have records in your care that should be in the College Archives.

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Discuss your possible donation if you feel you have materials that would help document the life of the college. Contact Archives Staff
Review the Guidelines for Donating Materials
which provide basic information about the types of materials the College Archives collects. 
Guidelines for:
   Smith Clubs
Send the material to the College Archives
after discussing your donation with the staff. You will receive an acknowledgement.
Mailing Address:
Smith College Archives, Northampton, MA 01063
If you wish to support the activities and programs of the College Archives, monetary contributions can be made through the Friends of the Smith College Libraries. Thank you!

Smith Alumnae

The Smith College Archives has as its mission the acquisition, preservation, and access to materials of value which document the College’s administrative, academic, and social life. The Archives houses the official records of the College, including its publications. In addition, the College Archives collects materials from alumnae relating to their undergraduate years at the College.

The College Archives seeks to collect materials that supplement the official records of the College. We are looking specifically for materials that are pieces of your story on campus.

We welcome the following types of materials that document your undergraduate days:
Diaries or journals Examination questions (selected)
Correspondence home Syllabi
Scrapbooks Notes taken in class
Photographs Films and audiotapes
For most classes we have records documenting class activities including:
Senior Prom Commencement
Senior Dramatics Reunions
Junior Prom Mountain Day
Sophomore Carnival Ivy Day
Freshman Frolic/Day  

We are always seeking additional information about the events that formed your Smith experience, including but not limited to: academics, the arts (dance, dramatics, music), athletics, activism, your spiritual, political and house life. We have individual biographical files on many alumnae, as well as other materials that provide a broad picture of life on the Smith College campus.

Smith Faculty

The Smith College Archives is interested in documenting all aspects of your career, including your teaching, research, contacts with individuals and organizations in your field of interest, and your contributions to the administration and governance of the College.

Please consider making donations of the following materials:
Biographical material Resumes, vitae, bibliographies, newspaper clippings, and biographical questionnaires.

Official outgoing/incoming correspondence and memoranda generated in the course of conducting College business.

Professional outgoing/incoming correspondence with colleagues, publishers, professional societies, students, etc.

Personal letters to/from friends, relatives, acquaintances and business contacts.

Diaries, notebooks, appointment calendars, memorabilia
Class Lecture Notes, syllabi, course outlines, reading lists, examinations
Publications, reviews, speeches, and articles
Research files
Departmental or committee records

Smith Clubs

The Smith College Archives is interested in collecting materials that document the history and activities of the various Smith Clubs in the United States and around the world. The Alumnae Association has a long and rich history and the Clubs are a part of the story we’d like to tell for future generations.

The College Archives collects materials for various clubs such as:
Articles of Incorporation and By-laws Photographs of Club activities
Minutes of Club meetings Newspaper clippings of club activities
Files relating to special club events Audio, video or discs of special club events
Publications produced by the Club: newsletters, announcements of events, fliers  

If you are interested in knowing if the College Archives has historical records of your Club, or if you have questions about the types of materials we are seeking, please feel free to contact us! Continue to be a part of the Smith College story by making certain your Club records are properly cared for and have a place in the Smith College Archives.

More Information

For more information about making a donation to the Smith College Libraries, please see Giving to the Libraries.