Woolf in the Real World, June 5-8, 2003

Alumnae College

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"Virginia Woolf in Place and Time"

Friday, May 16, 2003 and Friday, May 23, 2003

Smith alumnae returning to campus for reunion may begin their experience by reliving student days in an engaging academic program. "Virginia Woolf in Place and Time" is a preview to the 13th annual conference on Virginia Woolf which will take place in June. Alumnae College will feature Smith faculty and alumnae discussing Woolf's place in history and literature, the significance of place in Woolf's life and writing and Woolf's interest in women’s education. This Alumnae College program showcases the rich collections of Woolf and Bloomsbury materials at Smith and includes the opportunity to view special exhibitions in Neilson Library, the Botanic Garden and the Smith College Museum of Art

Join other Alumnae College participants for lunch and conversation at the Smith Club and a closing reception in the newly opened Smith College Museum of Art.

The program schedule and registration materials are included in the reunion booklet, which is mailed in February to Smith alumnae in reunion years, or visit the reunion page at http://alumnae.smith.edu. Please note that alumnae who are not in reunion year may also sign up for this event. For additional information contact Betsy Baird, the Alumnae Association of Smith College, (800) 526-2023 x 4, bbaird@smith.edu.

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