Woolf in the Real World, June 5-8, 2003

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Conference Schedule

Please note that all exhibits throughout the College are now open to the public. See conference information page for complete listing, and for biographical information about the speakers, see the plenary speakers page. Other events open to the community are below in bold type.

Delegates staying in campus housing may check in as early as 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 4 and may check out as late as noon on Monday, June 9. Registration for those in campus housing will take place Laura Scales House; registration for those staying off campus will take place in Neilson Library.

Pre-Conference Events

Wednesday, June 4

10:00 am Registration opens: Laura Scales House for on-campus delegates
12:00 noon Registration and information desk opens: Neilson Library for off-campus delegates
6-7:30 pm Reception for early arrivals (King/Scales House courtyard)
8:00 pm Woolf in the Reel World film series: Mrs. Dalloway (Wright Hall Auditorium)-Open to public
10:00-? Informal discussion/milk & cookies (Jordan House Common Room, campus housing)

Thursday, June 5

Registration 24 hours in Scales House for delegates staying on campus; registration 8 am-9 pm at Neilson Library for delegates staying off campus.

7:30-8:45 am Breakfast for participants staying on campus (Laura Scales House)
9:00-3:00 Field trip to The Mount. Meet bus at 8:30 in front of John M. Greene Hall.
3:30-4:30 Performance: A Room of One's Own, with Clare Dalton as Virginia Woolf, directed by Mark Lindberg - (Wright Hall Auditorium) Open to public

Conference Sessions Begin

5:00-6:30 Welcome and Plenary Session - Location: Wright Hall Auditorium

Welcoming remarks and brief history of Smith College by President Carol T. Christ followed by plenary session: Carol T. Christ, "Virginia Woolf and Education" and President Emerita Jill Ker Conway, topic TBA - Open to public.

6:45-8:45 Gala buffet reception for delegates, viewing of exhibition "Virginia Woolf: A Pen and a Press of Her Own," and book arts demonstrations: Abigail Rorer, wood engraving; Claudia Cohen, pastepapers; Barbara Blumenthal, bookbinding; Hosea Baskin, Art Larson, and Michael Russem: typesetting and letterpress printing on the handpress. (Neilson Library, 3rd floor.)

8:30 pm Film series: The Hours, introduced by Brenda Silver, Dartmouth. The film will be preceded by a sneak preview of some of the DVD extras, courtesy Paramount Pictures. (Wright Hall Auditorium) -seating for public will be limited to 100.

10:00 pm Informal discussion/milk & cookies (Jordan House Common Room)

Friday, June 6

Registration 24 hours for delegates staying on campus (Laura Scales House);8 am-6 pm for delegates staying off campus (Neilson Library, 1st floor)

Book and Arts Fair is open 10:30-2:00 and 3:30-5:30 (Neilson Library, 3rd floor) - Open to public

7:30-8:45 Breakfast for delegates staying on campus; and Miscellany breakfast meeting, King/Scales Dining Room

9:00-10:30 Concurrent panel sessions #1

1A: The Electronic Woolf. Chair: Robin Kinder (Smith College)
Location: Neilson Library Electronic Classroom
Robin Kinder (Smith College): Woolf On-line Resources at Smith College-Demonstration
Holland, Kathryn (U. of Alberta): "Virginia Woolf, Writing Women, and the Orlando Project"
Stuart Clarke (Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain): Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury: A Bibliography – Demonstration

1B: The Education of Women. Chair: Catherine Sandbach-Dahlström (Stockholm University)
Location: Seelye 201
Ann Murphy (Assumption Coll.): "Freedom from Unreal Loyalties: An Imaginary Conversation between Emily Davis and Virginia Woolf on the Formation of the College for Women"
Sara Hoover (Dickinson Coll.): "Educating the Outsiders: Re-Writing War Narratives in Three Guineas"
Judith Robertson (University of Ottawa): "Objects of Desire in Narrative Treatments of Education: The Uncanny Sisterhood of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Ashton-Warner"
Joyce Berkman (UMASS, Amherst). "Splits: Outsider/Insider as Women's Historian and Feminist"

1C: Hogarth Press I. Chair: Debra Sims, Independent Scholar
Location: Graham Hall –Brown Fine Arts Center
Carol Shloss (Stanford Univ.): "Virginia Woolf's Composing Room: Movable Types & The Modernist Novel"
Alice Staveley (Stanford Univ.): "Woolf's Q Factor: 'Kew Gardens' 1927"
Susan Waterman (Rutgers Univ.) "'There is a great deal to be said for small books.':
The Hogarth Press and the Short Story as Catalysts in the Development of Virginia Woolf's Voice"

1D: Woolf: Walking and Stalking. Chair: Suzanne Bellamy, Artist-in-Residence
Location: Seelye 106
Elisa Kay Sparks (Clemson University): "A Rose Burning Between Marches: Walking Pictures in Mrs. Dalloway"
Diane Gillespie (Washington State U.): "Woolf and Walking: Mapping a Rural Flaneuse"
Sheila Deane (U. of Winnipeg): " 'Take Back the Night': Stalking and Trespassing in Woolf's Fiction"

1E: Woolf and Illness. Chair: Martha Greene Eads (Valparaiso U.)
Location: Seelye 101
Lorraine Sim (Univ. of Western Australia): "Ailing Dualisms: Woolf's Revolt Against Rationalism in the 'Real World' of Influenza"
Susan Gorsky (Cabrillo Coll./Foothill Coll.): "The Mask/Masque of Food: Illness and Art"
Jo Ann Circosta (University of Kentucky): "Time Disrupted: Virginia Woolf's Phenomenology of Psychosis"
Heonjoo Sohn (University of Birmingham, UK): " 'Curious Intervals in Life': Virginia Woolf's Illness and Creativity"

1F: National Identity. Chair: Mark Hussey (Pace University)
Location: Seelye 107
McKenzie L. Zeiss (UC Irvine): " The Political Legacy of the Garden: (Anti) Pastoral Images and National Identity in Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West"
Erica Johnson (Chatham Coll.): "Writing the Land: The Geography of National Identity in Orlando"
Renée Dickinson (U. of Colorado): "Mrs. Dalloway's Corporeum: Body, Land, Nation, and Text in the Worlds of Patriarchy and Imperialism"

1G: Reading and Writing. Chair: Elizabeth von Klemperer (Smith College)
Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Jane de Gay (Trinity and All Saints College): "Dynamic Encounters: Virginia Woolf as Active Reader"
Jennifer Arends (U. of Regina): "Life ? Literature? Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot in Form"
Cornelia Pearsall (Smith College): "Woolf and the Poetry of the Real World"

10:30 Morning refreshments, Neilson Library Periodical Room, 3rd floor

11:00-12:30 Concurrent panel sessions #2

2A: Diverse Appeal of Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury. Chair: Margaret Bruzelius (Smith College)
Location: Seelye 101
Justyna Kostkowska (Middle Tennessee State Univ.): " 'Scissors and Silks,' 'Flowers and Trees,' and 'Geraniums Ruined by War': Sociology and Ecology in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway"
Sally Jacobson (Northern Kentucky U.) "Woolf's Emblematic Women Meet the Real World in Between the Acts: Sexual Dynamics and Christianity"
Sarah Kersh (Muhlenberg College): "Lily's Porthole to the Past: Painting and the Subversion of Gendered Energy Flow in To the Lighthouse"
William Pryor (Independent Scholar): "The Living Memes and Jeans of Bloomsbury and Neo-Paganism"

2B: Trauma and Rupture in Woolf. Chair: Susan Gorsky (Cabrillo College/Foothill College)
Location: Seelye 107
Cornelia Ratt (Univ. of Saskatchewan): "The Shock of Modernity: Trauma and the Vulnerable Body in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway"
Anne Wettersten (Rutgers University): " 'And I will make it real by putting it into words':
Moments of Rupture, Moments of Being in the Literary Landscapes of Woolf and H.D."
David Eberly (JFK School of Govt., Harvard) " Face to Face: Incest and Audience in the Work of Virginia Woolf"

2C: The Hours - Discussion - Chair: Brenda Silver (Dartmouth College)
Location: Wright Hall Auditorium
Leslie Hankins (Cornell College)
Michèle Barrett (University of London)
Daniel Mendelsohn (New York Review of Books)
Mary Desjardins (Dartmouth)

2D: Politics in Woolf's Early Novels. Chair: Elicia Clements (York University)
Location: Seelye 106
Justine Dymond (UMASS, Amherst): " 'Filled Her Eyes With Sights': Intersubjectivity and Empire in Virginia Woolf's Melymbrosia and The Voyage Out"
Heather Lusty (Univ. of Nevada): " 'What exactly did [she] mean?: Pacifism and Anti-Colonial Sentiment in The Voyage Out"
Michael Whitworth (University of Wales, Bangor): "Night and Day and National Efficiency"

2E: Featured Panel. Chair: Brenda Lyons (Greenfield Community College)
Location: Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
David Bradshaw (Oxford University): "Carlyle's House and Other Sketches"
Emily Dalgarno (Boston University): "Woolf and Proust: The Intermittances of the Heart"

2F: The Biographical Woolf. Chair: Cornelia Pearsall (Smith College)
Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Catherine Sandbach-Dahlström (Stockholm Univ.): "Virginia Woolf and The Question of Fact: Re-Visiting the Biographical Legend"
Bruce Gilman (La Sierra U.): "This 'Business of Intimacy': Reading Mrs. Woolf, Reading Mrs. Brown"
Drew Patrick Shannon (U. Cincinnati): "The Lightly Attached Web: The Fictional Virginia Woolf"
Patricia Laurence (CUNY): "Biography and Fiction: Virginia Woolf's Orlando, Michael Cunningham's The Hours, and Hong Ying's K: The Art of Love"

2G: Books - Chair: Barbara Blumenthal (Smith College)
Location: Seelye 201
David Porter (Williams College): " 'Riding a Great Horse': Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press"
Carolyn Byrd (Independent Scholar): "French Impressionism and To the Lighthouse: An Altered Book Experience"

12:30-2:00 Lunch (your own arrangements: Davis Student Center is open; reception at Northampton Center for the Arts for exhibition by Suzanne Bellamy, Conference Artist-in-Residence.)

2:00-3:30 Concurrent panel sessions #3

3A: Woolf's Influence on Plath - Chair: Karen V. Kukil (Smith College)
Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Melissa Maday (Emory University): " 'A heap of unrelated articles': Objects of Desire and Revulsion in the Fiction of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath"
Pamela St. Clair (Salem State Coll.) "A Shadow Across the Page: Virginia Woolf's Influence on Sylvia Plath"
Amanda Golden (UMass, Amherst): "Virginia Woolf's Influence on Sylvia Plath's Abandoned Novel, Falcon Yard "
Wayne Chapman (Clemson University): "Last Respects: The Posthumous Editing of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf"

3B: Memories, Chair: Leslie Werden (University of North Dakota)
Location: Seelye 107
Robert Reginio (UMASS, Amherst): " 'Perpetually Contradicted': Private Memories and History: A Reconsideration of Freud and Virginia Woolf"
Ravit Reichman (Yale University): "Memory-Work and Traumatic Inheritance: Woolf's Practical Legacy"
Victoria Blythe (New York University): "True Memoir, Real Fiction: Virginia Woolf and the Mimesis of Memory"

3C: War and Pacifism, Chair: Naomi Black (York University)
Location: Wright Hall Auditorium
Kathleen Wall (University of Regina): " 'Listen not to the bark of the guns but to the voices of the poets': The Aesthetics of Three Guineas"
Todd Avery (UMASS-Lowell): "Our Lives in Relation to the Outside World: Woolf, Maynard Keynes and Utopian Visions on the Brink of War"
Michèle Barrett (University of London): "Woolf's Pacifism"
Jean Moorcroft Wilson (Univ. of London/Cecil Woolf Publishers): "Woolf and Sassoon"

3D: Construction of Englishness, Chair: Sowon Park (Lucy Cavendish College,Cambridge)
Location: Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
Raphaël Ingelbien (FNRS & Louvain): "Between Englands: A New Look at Virginia Woolf and Nationhood"
Heidi Stalla (Exeter College, Oxford): "Elvedon and The Fisher King in The Waves"
Shelly Auster (SUNY Stony Brook): "Representations of 'Britishness': Shifting National Identity and Colonial Discourse in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway"
David Bradshaw (Oxford University): "Jacob's Room and 'The Complexity of Things' "

3E: Gendered Feminisms, Chair: Marilyn Schuster (Smith College)
Location: Seelye 201
Amy Borders (Clemson University): "Criticism of Masculinity in the Manuscript Version of Mrs. Dalloway: The Reaction to Animosity Towards Women in the Manuscript Version of 'The Waste Land' "
Jennifer Kightlinger (SUNY Stony Brook): "Sex Costumes: Signifying Sex and Gender in Woolf's 'The Introduction,' and The Years "
Emily Blair (UC Davis): "Poetry the Wrong Side Out"

3F: Lifewriting I: Writing and Revision, Chair: Kimberly Lamm (Pratt Inst./U. of Washington)
Location: Seelye 106
Stacey Floyd (University of Kentucky): "Becoming A Room of One's Own: A Textual and Socio-historical Look at Virginia Woolf's Process"
Wyatt Bonikowski (Cornell University): " 'Mak[ing] it Real': Writing and Experience in 'A Sketch of the Past' and The Waves"
Elizabeth Shih (University of Toronto): "Editing the Modernist Text: The Case of Virginia Woolf's 'A Sketch of the Past' "

3G: Diverse Sciences and Social Sciences, Chair: Holly Henry (CSU, Bernardino)
Location: Seelye 101
Brenda Lyons (Greenfield Community College): "Platonic Sketches: Literary Appreciation and Revolutionary Resistance in the Shorter Fiction"
Holly Henry (CSU, San Bernardino) "That 'fin in the waste of waters' and an Outsider's View of Science"
Joseph Kreutziger (Washington Univ.) "Darwin's Temporal Evolution in Woolf's Aesthetics: A Brief Sketch in Time from Pater to Woolf"
Akemi Yaguchi (University of Nottingham): " '(Rezia Warren Smith divined it)': Mrs. Dalloway and 'The Schreber Case' "

3:30-4:00 Afternoon refreshments; Neilson Library Periodical Room, 3rd floor

4:00-5:00 Interview: Carolyn Heilbrun interviewed by Smith College Provost Susan C. Bourque (Wright Hall Auditorium) - Open to public.

5:15-6:15 Reception for delegates and viewing of exhibition "Vanessa Bell and Bloomsbury," co-sponsored by the International Virginia Woolf Society (in atrium of Brown Fine Arts Center).

6:30-7:50 Plenary session: Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina (Vassar College): "Bloomsbury and Race" and Frances Spalding: "When are words not enough? Roger Fry and Virginia Woolf" (Wright Hall Auditorium) - Open to public.

8:00 Dinner (delegates are free to make own arrangements)

8:15 Film series: Sally Potter's Orlando (Wright Hall Auditorium) - Open to public

10:00 Informal discussion/Cookies & milk - Jordan House Common Room

Saturday, June 7

Registration/check out for delegates staying on campus is 8 am-10 pm; registration/check out for delegates staying on campus (Laura Scales House); registration for delegates staying off campus is 8 am-6 pm (Neilson Library, 1st floor)

Book and arts fair is open 10:30-2:00 and 3:30-5:30, Neilson Library, 3rd floor - Open to public

7:30-8:45 Breakfast (King/Scales Dining Hall); and IVWS meeting.

9-10:00 am Plenary session - Lyndall Gordon, "This Loose Drifting Material of Life: Virginia Woolf and Biography" (Wright Hall Auditorium) - Open to public.

10-10:30 Morning refreshments, Neilson Library, 3rd floor

10:30-noon Concurrent panel sessions #4

4A: Featured Panelist Session, Chair, Karen Kukil (Smith College)
Location: Rare Book Room, Neilson Library
Julia Briggs (De Montfort Univ.): "'Paris' by Hope Mirrlees: A 1919 Hogarth Press Publication"

4B: Foreign Places, Chair: Michael Gorra (Smith College)
Location: Seelye 201
Steve Putzel (Penn State University): "Invisible City: Woolf's Real and Imagined Venice"
Eleanor McNees (Univ. of Denver): "Virginia Woolf, Italy, and the Sentimental Journey"
Clare Morgan (Kellogg College, Oxford University): "Woolf and Wales"
Cheryl Mares (Sweet Briar College): "Woolf and the American Imaginary"

4C: "Teaching Mrs. Dalloway in the 'Real World' of our Classrooms" - Roundtable discussion.
Chairs: Eileen Barrett (CSU, Hayward) and Ruth Saxton (Mills College)
Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Beth Rigel Daugherty (Otterbein College)
Martha Greene Eads (Valparaiso University)
Hankins Leslie (Cornell College)
Mark Hussey (Pace University)
JJ Wilson (Sonoma State University)

4D: Woolf's Literary Afterlife, Chair: Sherry Zivley (University of Houston)
Location: Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
Jody Rosen (CUNY Graduate Center): "Mrs. Dalloway's Afterlife"
Linda Westervelt (University of Houston): "Virginia Woolf as Literary Model"
Laura Aimone (Independent Scholar) "In the Footsteps of Virginia Woolf: The Hours by Michael Cunningham"
James Smith (Armstrong Atlantic State U.) "Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and Michael Cunningham's The Hours: When to Throw a Party in London or New York"

4E: Woolf and Class, Chair: Diana Royer (Miami U.), Location: Seelye 110
Mary Madden (Univ. of South Florida): "Woolf and the Persistent Question of Class"
Diana Royer (Miami University): " 'Woolf and Flush's "brush*with low life': The Depiction of Whitechapel in Flush"
Catherine Mintler (Univ. of Illinois, Chicago): " The 'Mermaid Dress' and the 'Mackintosh Coat': Social Class and Concealed Female Bodies in Mrs. Dalloway"
Rebecca McNeer (Ohio University Southern): " 'Help Wanted': Virginia Woolf's Real Life as an Employer"

4F: Novelistic Historiography, Chair: Elizabeth Hirsh (U. of South Florida), Location: Seelye 101
Elaine Pigeon (Universite de Montreal): "Remembering History : Orlando at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century"
Sarah Alexander (Rutgers) " 'The Body of Time': Historiography and the Body in Virginia Woolf's Orlando"
Lorelei Ormrod (Jesus College, Oxford University): "The Waves, Carlyle and 'clothes': Virginia Woolf's Vision of History"

4G: Lifewriting II: From Private to Public, Chair: Leena Kore-Schroder (U. of Nottingham)
Location: Seelye 106
Alexandra Pett (Mount Royal College): " 'Weevil in a Biscuit': Woolf's Diary Entries of the Early 1930s"
Stephen Barkway (Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain): " 'What tiara did you wear?': Mrs. Woolf and Lady Aberconway"
Rebecca Blasco (University of Alberta): " 'the space between us': Epistolary and Dramatic Forms in The Waves"

Noon-1 pm Lunch (pre-purchased boxed lunches may be picked up in the Neilson Library Periodical Room, 3rd floor)

1:00-2:30 Concurrent panel sessions #5

5A: The Hogarth Press and Its Legacy, Chair: Karen V. Kukil (Smith). Location: Seelye 106
Jan Freeman (Paris Press): "Paris Press Edition of 'On Being Ill' "
Debra Sims (Independent Scholar) "Independence Through Self-Publication: Virginia Woolf Discovers Her Voice with the Hogarth Press"
Marie Umeh (John Jay Coll., CUNY)"Flora Nwapa Meets Virginia Woolf in the Publishing Industry"
Catherine Hollis (Lawrence Univ.) "Virginia Woolf's Double Signature"

5B: Creative Session Inspired by Woolf, Chair: Ellen Watson (Smith), Location: Neilson Browsing Room
William Buckley (Indiana University): "Sylvia's Bells" (poetry)
Su Smallen (Hamline University): "Three Poems Inspired by Virginia Woolf"
George Ella Lyon (Independent Scholar) "Poems from Talland House"
Patrick Horrigan (Long Island University, Brooklyn): "Alone at Talland House

5C: Landscape, Place and Subjectivity, Chair: Richard Millington (Smith College), Location: Seelye 201
Leena Kore-Schroder (University of Nottingham): "Virginia Woolf and the English Landed Estate: Hours in a (Country House) Library"
Lesley Higgins (York University): " 'Something so varied and wandering': The Possibilities of a 'Restless' Subjectivity"
Annette Oxindine (Wright State University): "Woolf's Geographies of Longing: Mapping the Metaphysics of St. Ives and London"
Vera Eliasova (Rutgers University): "The 'Army of Anonymous Trampers': Women's Writing of Urban Collective Identity"

5D: Visual Aesthetics, Chair: Kathleen Wall (Univ. of Regina), Location:Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
Maggie Humm (University of East London): "Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell as Photographers: "the same pair of eyes, only different spectacles' "
Simon Watney (Independent Scholar) "Knowing Looks: Portrait Painting in the Work of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant" [slide presentation}
Leslie Hankins (Cornell College): "When 'The Cinema' was in Vogue: Situating Woolf's Essay on Cinema within Film Writing in British Vogue"
Steve Ellis (University of Birmingham): "Oil-Gas-Electricity: Woolf and Lighting"

5E: Orlando, Gender and Androgyny, Chair: Patricia Feito (Barry Univ.), Location: Seelye 110
Lisa Suter (Miami University, Oxford, OH): " 'A Little Language Such as Lovers Use': Color-Coding and Secret Ciphers to Vita in Virginia Woolf's Orlando"
Joanna Lackey (Wellesley College): "The Nature of Homosexuality in Woolf's Orlando and Plato's Symposium"
Tamara Slandard (SUNY Stonybrook) "'Chasing the Wild Goose': Androgyny, Hermaphrodism and the 'Truth' About Orlando"
Katie MacNamara (Indiana Univ.) "Virginia's Woolf's Orlando : Negotiating Camp Camps"

5F: Woolf and Forms of Trauma, Chair: Clifford Wulfman (Tufts University), Location: Seelye 107
Clifford Wulfman (Tufts University): "The Cryptonymy of Woolf's Little Language"
Patricia Moran (Univ. of CA, Davis): "Memory and Desire in Narratives of Abuse: Jean Rhys and Virginia Woolf"
Nick Smart (College of New Rochelle):"This is What She Loved…and Hated: The Production of Real Life in Mrs. Dalloway

5G: "Through the Generations: Woolf Seminar Teachers at Smith Present"
Chair: Stephanie Schoen (Smith College), Location: Seelye 101
Elizabeth Von Klemperer (Smith College): "'The works of women are symbolical': Needlework in Virginia Woolf."
J.J.Wilson (Sonoma State University): "Early Days Teaching Woolf in the Hampshire Valley"
Robert Hosmer (Smith College) "Cannibalizing Woolf"

2:30-3:00 Afternoon refreshments (Neilson Library, 3rd floor)

3:00-4:30 Concurrent panel sessions #6

6A: "'An Edition of One's Own': A Roundtable Discussion of Blackwell's Shakespeare Head Press Edition of Virginia Woolf" - Chair: Pat Rosenbaum (Univ. of Toronto), Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Edward Bishop (University of Alberta): "Mind the Gap"
Naomi Black (York University): "The Edition's Daughter"
David Bradshaw (Oxford University): "Some With Their Corners Turned Down"
Diane Gillespie (Washington State U.): "Annotation and Audience"
James Haule (U. of Texas, Edinburg) "Texts, Reception, and Teaching"
Mary Millar (Queen's Univ.) "'Ten minutes of present time': Topical allusions in Between the Acts"

6B: "Unexpected Pleasure: Teaching Beyond Students' Initial Fear of Virginia Woolf,"
Chair: Ruth Saxton (Mills College), Location: Seelye 106
Martha Greene Eads (Valparaiso University): "In League Together: Taking Mrs. Dalloway Into a Womens Prison"
Patricia Feito (Barry University): " 'The Ebbs and Flows are a Reality of Life': Non-traditional Students Reading Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway"
Andrea Adolph (Kent State University): "Virginia Woolf at the A & P: Students Respond to the Cotton Wool of Life"
Jessica de Courcy Hinds (Brooklyn College):"A Teaching Journey: Immigrant Students Search for a Room of Their Own at Brooklyn College"

6C: Woolf and Daly: The Outsider Highway Revisited (plus maps),
Chair: Suzanne Bellamy (Artist-in-Residence)
Eileen Barrett (CSU Hayward): "Virginia Woolf and Mary Daly: Dismantling the Real World of Patriarchy"
Suzanne Bellamy (Artist-in-Residence): "Virginia Woolf, Mary Daly, and the BIG BAD MAD RAD FEM COW CODE Battles"
Mark Hussey (Pace University) "The Personal is Still the Political: Woolf, Daly, Pornography"
Krystyna Colburn (UMASS, Boston): " Virginia Woolf. Mary Daly. 1984."

6D: Life-Cycles, Chair: Elizabeth Hirsh (Univ. of South Florida)
Location: Seelye 107
Stephanie Porcaro (St. John's College): "An Exploration of The Waves, as Encapsulated Through the Journey of the Sun"
Janine Utell (CUNY Graduate Center): "Little or Nothing but Life: Real World Ritual in The Waves"
Elizabeth Hirsh (Univ. of South Florida): "Mrs. Dalloway's Menopause: Encrypting the Female Life Course"

6E: Art Objects and Aesthetics, Chair: Laura Quinn (Smith) Location: Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
Elizabeth Cruse (Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge): "The Window as Significant Form in The Voyage Out to the Lighthouse 1925-1927"
Kathryn Benzel (U. Nebraska-Kearney): "Pen and Paintbrush: Virginia Woolf and Walter Sickert"
Georgette Fleischer (Columbia U.) "Fiction and Fact, or Woolf and the Autonomy of the Art Object"
Leslie Werden (Univ. of North Dakota) "Visual Storytelling: Virginia Woolf's Representations of Memory"

6F: Women Writers and Their Influence on Woolf, Chair: Robert Hosmer (Smith College)
Location: Seelye 201
Michele Bala (Smith College): "Death and the Maiden : Why Rachel Vinrace Must Die"
Sherry Zivley (University of Houston): "Mansfield's 'At the Bay' and Woolf's The Waves"
Emily Bowles (Emory University): " 'I am by no means confining you to fiction': Fictions of Aphra Behn in the Works of Virginia Woolf"

6G: Woolf as a Political Thinker, Chair :Todd Avery (UMASS-Lowell)
Location: Seelye 101
Jamie Carr (Univ. of Rhode Island): "The Leaning Tower and a Critique of Fascism: Virginia Woolf's Influence on Christopher Isherwood"
Joyce Karpay (Univ. of South Florida): "The Power of the Local: Virginia Woolf's Influence on the Political Novels of Nadine Gordimer"
Judith Allen (University of Pennsylvania): "Resisting "Patriotism": Virginia Woolf's 'thinking against the current' "

4:30-5:30 Break

5: 30-6:45 Plenary session - Hermione Lee (Oxford University): "Undiscovered Countries: Woolf, Illness, and Reading"- Sage Hall (Open to public)

7:00 Dinner - Banquet (optional) with entertainment by the Virginia Woolf Players

9:00 Reception for "Virginia Woolf: A Botanical Perspective," and illumination of gardens. Location: Lyman Conservatory. Hermione Lee will sign copies of "On Being Ill" at the reception.

10:00 Informal discussion/cookies & milk (Jordan House Common Room)

Sunday, June 8

Book and art fair will be open 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Neilson Library, 3rd floor (Open to public)

9-10:30 Concurrent sessions #7

7A: Featured Panel: The Art of the Essay, Chair: Michael Whitworth. (U. of Wales, Bangor)
Location: TBA
Beth Daugherty (Otterbein College): "Virginia Woolf's Apprenticeship: Becoming an Essayist"
Randi Saloman (Yale Univ.): " 'Here Again is the Usual Door': Street Haunting and the Permeability of the Essay"

7B: Gender and Feminism, Chair: Krystyna Colburn (UMASS, Boston), Location: Seelye 201
Jennifer Toole (UC Berkeley): "Stella Now, Stella Then"
Dianne Hunter (Trinity College, CT): "Virginia Woolf's Vision of Objects Dissolving in Time"
Kathryn Simpson (University of Birmingham, UK): "The Paradox of the Gift: Gift-Giving as a Disruptive Force in Woolf's Writing"

7C: Forward and Retreat: Woolf's Home Fronts, Chair: Rishona Zimring (Lewis and Clark University), Location: Seelye 101
Rishona Zimring (Lewis and Clark University): "Retreating from Peace in 'The String Quartet' "
Margaret Bruzelius (Smith College): "Two Steps Backward : The Voyage Out and the Tradition of Adventure"
Jay Dickson (Reed College): " 'The Crying Game': Woolf and the 'Retreat' of Sentimentality"

7D: Fashionable Bloomsbury, Chair: Laura Quinn (Smith)
Location: Graham Hall-Brown Fine Arts Center
Maria Day (U. of Maryland): "Modernism à la Mode: Woolf, Bell and Fashions at Omega Workshops"
Ruth Hoberman, (Eastern Illinois U.): "Aesthetic Taste and Things in The Years"
Alastair Upton (Charleston Trust): "Charleston in the Real World"

7E: Woolf's Continuing Influence, Chair: Robert Hosmer (Smith) Location: Neilson Browsing Room
Ann Norton (Saint Anselm College): " 'I have taken the name of Virginia Woolf in vain': Woolfian Irony in Anita Brookner's Hotel du Lac"
Kevin Stemmler (Clarion Univ.) "Merged Worlds: Virginia Woolf's Legacy to Jeanette Winterson"
Kimberly Lamm (Pratt Inst./U.of Washington): "Painting the Language and Writing the Landscape of the Maternal: Claudia Rankine's Plot and To The Lighthouse"
Kristin Czarnecki (U. Cincinnati): "Filming Feminism: A Room of One's Own on Masterpiece Theater"

7F: The Writing Process, Chair: Elizabeth Harries (Smith), Location: Seelye 106
Jennifer Sikes (Shorter College): "Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey in the Shadow of the Victorians"
Bill Goldstein (CUNY Graduate Center): " 'Horribly in Debt' to Proust: Virginia Woolf's
Reading of In Search of Lost Time and Its Influence on Mrs. Dalloway"
Lynn Langmade (San Francisco State Univ.): "Blasting Through Homogenous Time: Being, Bergsonism, & Empancipatory Strategies in Virginia Woolf's Orlando"
Courtney Carter (Hood College): "Imitations of 'Reality' in Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts"

7G: Textual Subversions, Chair: Elicia Clements (York Univ.), Location: Seelye 110
Virginia Costello (SUNY Stony Brook): "An Ethical Inquiry: Relational Autonomy in Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas and Moments of Being"
Maria Glade (U. of Rhode Island): " A Medley: The Ethical Practice of Freedom as Performed by Woolf's Between the Acts"
Carolyn Tilghman Bitzenhofer (U. of Texas, Tyler): "The Subject, The Ordinary, and Parody in Three Guineas"
Vicki Tromanhauser (Columbia U.): "Given Freely: Sacrificial Economics in Three Guineas"

10:30-11:00 Morning refreshments, Neilson Library Periodical Room, 3rd floor

11:00-12:30 Concurrent panel sessions #8

8A: Roundtable - Teaching Woolf to High School Students
Location: TBA
Chair: Ellen Reich, Amherst Regional High School
Faculty and students from Amherst Regional High School: Sara Just, Kristin Iverson, Madeleine Hunter, Jani Baer-Leighton, Rachel Lesser and Stefania Vanin.

8B: Politics and Feminism: Chair: Cornelia Ratt (U. of Saskatchewan), Location: Seelye 201
Sowon Park (Lucy Cavendish Coll., Cambridge): "Tea, Suffrage and Woolf's Critique of Feminist Judgment"
Geneviéve Brassard (U. of Connecticut): " 'to make it whole, beautiful, entire': The Luminous Shadow of the War Over The Years"
Deborah Gerrard (De Montfort University): "A 'Literary Prostitute' Writes Back: Storm Jameson and Virginia Woolf"

8C: Reading the Newspapers, Chair: Stuart Clarke (Virginia Woolf Society of G.B.) Location: Seelye 106
Stuart Clarke (VW Society of GB): "The Lord Chief Justice and the Woolfs"
Karin Westman (Kansas State U.): "'Steadily more feminist, owing to the Times': Newspapers and New Realities in the Novels of Virginia Woolf"
Elena Gualtieri (Univ. of Sussex):"The Anthropologist at Home: Woolf Does Mass Observation"

8D: Woolf's Influence on Male Writers, Chair: Elizabeth Harries (Smith) Location: Seelye 101
Victoria Longino (Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy & Health Sciences): "Virginia Woolf's Legacy in Philip Larkin's Work"
Doryjane Birrer (College of Charleston) " 'What are Novelists For?' :Writing and Rewriting Reality from Woolf to McEwan"

8E: Movement, Dance and Theatre [Chair: TBA] Location: TBA
Holly Messitt (Berkeley College) "Waltzing Virginia: Rhythm, Movement, and Meaning"
Toni Jaudon (Cornell Univ.) "Visual Time and Bodily Experience in The Waves and The Years"
Maryna Harrison (Independent Artist) and others. Performance of The Waves, work in progress

8F: "Prosopopoeia & Pop Culture: Representing the Lost Other in the 'Real World' "
Chair: Madelyn Detloff, (Miami Univ. of Ohio) Location: Seelye 110
Michelle Hawley (CSU Los Angeles) "'The snufflings of obtuse furry animals: Virginia Woolf, the Victorian Poetess, and the Mass Reader."
Keri Barber (CSU Los Angeles) "The Body and the Brain: Woolf's Humanistic and Ever-Changing Vision of the Soldier from Jacob Flanders to Abel Pargiter"
Madelyn Detloff (Miami U. of Ohio) " 'Fear No More the Heat of the Sun': Septimus, AIDS and The Hours"

12:30 Lunch (boxed lunches for those who have ordered them may be picked up in the Neilson Library Periodical Room, 3rd floor)

1:30-2:30 Lytton and Virginia - world premier of staged reading directed by Ellen Kaplan, Associate Professor of Theatre, Smith College; an adaptation of the Woolf-Strachey correspondence by Sean Smith; introduced by Paul Levy; with Meghan Flaherty as Virginia, Shawn Dempewolf-Barrett as Lytton Strachey, and Sean Cote as Leonard Woolf (Neilson Browsing Room) Open to public.

Post-Conference Events

4-7:00 Optional field trip to Amherst for tours of the Emily Dickinson Homestead and Evergreens as well as a visit to the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections, and a reception at Five Colleges, Inc. (meet vans at 3:30 p.m. in front of Neilson Library).

7:00 Dinner (not provided)

8:30-10:30 Film series - Carrington (Wright Hall Auditorium) - Open to public

10-? Informal discussion/cookies & milk (Jordan House Common Room)

Monday, June 9

7:30-8:45 Breakfast for delegates staying on campus (King/Scales Dining Hall)

12 noon Final check-out time for delegates in Smith housing

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