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Digital Camera Policies

The SSC and CA allow use of personal digital cameras in the Reading Room to photograph materials only under the following conditions:

1. Digital images must make do with existing light only, no camera flash or supplementary lights are allowed.

2. Camera beep volume and shutter volume must be set to off to avoid disturbing other researchers.

3. Fragile bound materials must be supported in a book cradle, with no pressure applied to bindings.

4. Unbound materials can only be photographed lying flat on a research table. No copystands. No unstapling.

5. Wear gloves when handling photographs, the reference archivist will provide.

6. Use of tripods is prohibited.

7. Use of personal scanners is prohibited.

8. Each captured image must include identification of the repository (either Sophia Smith Collection or Smith College Archives-see reference staff for a form you can use) and the folder title. We suggest that you photograph the item with the folder title as part of the image.

9. The photographs are for personal/research use only.

10. Images may not be published in any way without written permission of the SSC, CA and the copyright owner (if different). This includes print as well as Web publishing. The images MAY be used for unpublished student papers and class presentations without first obtaining permission.

11. If an image is to be published, researchers must obtain a reproduction quality image from the Sophia Smith Collection or Smith College Archives. Reproduction and permission fees apply. See Duplication Services for more information.

12. Images may not be changed, modified, or embellished without written permission of the copyright owner.

13. Researchers must take full responsibility for keeping records of the source of the image, including collection name, file location, and repository name. The SSC and SCA staff will not track these down after the fact (researchers will be given a form to record this information).

Before using a digital camera in the Reading Room, researchers will be asked to sign a form which lists all of these conditions.

For more information on our services and procedures, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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