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Grants for Researchers


Caroline D. Bain Fellowship,
Margaret Storrs Grierson Fellowships,
Friends of the Smith College Library (FSCL) Fellowship,
and Travel to Collections Funds
New England Regional Fellowship Consortium

The Sophia Smith Collection and the Smith College Archives at Smith College are pleased to offer four annual research support programs: the Margaret Storrs Grierson Scholars-in-Residence Awards, the Caroline D. Bain Scholars-in-Residence Awards, the Friends of the Smith College Library (FSCL) Scholars-in-Residence Awards, and the Travel-to-Collections Fund. Grierson, Bain, and FSCL Scholars will receive awards of $2500, intended to support research visits of four to six weeks. For smaller projects, researchers should apply for Travel-to-Collection funds.

We welcome applications from faculty members, independent scholars, and graduate students who live at least 50 miles from Northampton, Massachusetts, and whose research interests and objectives would be significantly advanced by extended research in the holdings of either the Sophia Smith Collection or the Smith College Archives.

Oscar given to Nancy Hamilton
Oscar award given to Nancy Hamilton, producer of Helen Keller in Her Story, best documentary feature for 1955.
(Nancy Hamilton Papers)

Bain, Grierson, and FSCL scholars will be expected to give a work-in-progress colloquium to the Smith College community during their residency. It is expected that at some later time they will send the Sophia Smith Collection and the College Archives a copy of the final results of their research, whether in published or unpublished form.

We encourage potential applicants to contact our reference archivists to inquire about the relevance of our collections for their projects before submitting their proposals. Reference queries can be made online or by calling (413) 585-2970.

Applications for the Bain, Grierson, or FSCL Scholars-in-Residence Fellowships should include six copies * of the following: 1) the completed cover sheet (print out the cover sheet page and complete it by hand); 2) a proposal not exceeding six double-spaced pages, in 12-pitch font; and 3) a curriculum vitae. The proposal should describe the research to be undertaken and its relationship to current research in the field, the holdings to be consulted and their significance to the work, and the current status of the project as well as your plans and schedule for completing it. Two letters of recommendation (one copy of each), clearly indicating the applicant's name and project title, should be sent under separate cover.

All applicants will be considered for the Bain, Grierson, and FSCL fellowships; you need only submit one application.

Applications must be postmarked by February 15th. Awards will be announced April 1st. Applicants should address their materials to: Research Support Program, Sophia Smith Collection and Smith College Archives, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063.

Application Cover Sheet

Travel-to-Collections funds are available to offset travel expenses of researchers engaged in a study that would benefit from access to the holdings at Smith College. We also welcome and encourage requests from researchers at the pre-proposal stage who would like to survey our holdings as they formulate their research agendas. We review applications for these funds once each year. Applications should be postmarked by February 15th. Awards will be announced April 1st.

Applicants for Travel-to-Collections funds should submit six copies * of the following: 1) a curriculum vita; 2) a letter outlining their research interests and needs; and 3) a proposed budget (not to exceed $1000) for travel and accommodations. We do not cover costs for meals, photocopies or other research-related costs. Graduate students should also arrange for two letters of recommendation (one copy of each, to be sent either with the application or separately) that speak to their scholarly experience, ability and promise.

* Please compile all of the pieces within each of the six packets and fasten each packet with a paper clip. No staples, please.

For further information contact:

Amy Hague
Research Support Program
Sophia Smith Collection and College Archives
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
Phone: 413-585-2970

For lists of previous research grant recipients, see our newsletter.

The Sophia Smith Collection is a partner in the New England Research Fellowships Consortium, which offers 8-week, $5,000 stipends to applicants whose research takes them to 3 or more of the member institutions. For more information go to the NERFC Web site.

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