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Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975:
A Conversation with Author and Editor Barbara J. Love

Thursday, November 15, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
Sophia Smith Collection, Alumnae Gym

It took Barbara Love and her team seven years to research and compile this massive volume of 2,220 profiles of influential people in the second wave feminist movement. "This book had to be written," writes Love in the introduction. "More than any other social revolution in history, ours grew from the struggles of thousands of individuals to erase thousands of separate forms of discrimination in every sector of society."

cover, Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975
Barbara Love and her mother, 1974.
Barbara Love and her mother at a Gay Rights March, June 29, 1974. Photograph by Cary Herz.

Love worked closely with the Sophia Smith Collection staff in researching and collecting data for the book. Smith women are well-represented among the entries including predictably Betty Friedan '42 and Gloria Steinem '56 but also Catharine MacKinnon '69, Claire Goldberg Moses '63 and professor of government Martha Ackelsberg.

Love has worked as an editor, writer, and journalist, and is currently a member of the board of the Veteran Feminists of America. She has also written Foremost Women in Communications and coauthored Sappho Was a RightOn Woman. Area Pioneer Feminists and feminists of today are especially encouraged to attend.

Praise for the book:
Although the second wave women's movement was the largest social movement in U.S. history, it remains the movement least studied--and the movement about which most false impressions remain. This compilation will become an invaluable resource for those interested in learning about the movement and correcting some of those false impressions. A truly impressive accomplishment. --Linda Gordon, professor of history, New York University

This will be the basic text on American feminists of the late twentieth century. All ideologies are included. All ethnic groups, all aspects of the struggle. Activists, academics, sports and labor pioneers, writers and artists. --Kate Millett

Now future generations will understand how our social revolution changed the world (not just America) so quickly--because many thousands of angry activists fought for fairness and equality in every phase of public and private life. This book immortalizes their names, their lives, and their achievements. --Kim Gandy, President of NOW.

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