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Recent Scholarship

The Status of Women: A Bridge from the League of Nations to the United Nations by Jaci Eisenberg, in the Journal of International Organizations Studies (4, no. 2; Fall 2013). Jaci Eisenberg is a PhD Candidate at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. The article grew out of her time as a Bain fellow at the SSC in 2011 and 2012 researching the Dorothy Kenyon Papers. The article focuses on Dorothy Kenyon's role in ensuring the status of women transitioned from the League of Nations to the United Nations.

How Sex Became a Civil Liberty by Leigh Ann Wheeler (Oxford University Press, 2012). Wheeler was a recipient of the SSC's Travel-To-Collections grant in 2007-08 and her research made use of the following collections: Ames Family Papers; Dorothy Kenyon Papers; Harriet Pilpel Papers; Planned Parenthood Federation of America Records; Madeleine Doty Papers; Margaret Sanger Papers; and the Women's Rights Collection.

How Sex Became a Civil Liberty (Oxford U. Press, 2012)

Cold War Progressives: Women's Interracial Organizing For Peace and Freedom by Jacqueline Castledine (University of Illinois Press, 2012). Jacqueline was a recipient of our Bain Fellowship in 2004-05. Collections she used in her research include: Mary van Kleeck Papers, Jessie Lloyd O'Connor Papers, and the Communism, Socialism, and Left-Wing Politics Collection, among others.

Cold War Progressives book cover (U. Illinois Press)

Funded Scholars, 2013-14

Funded Scholars receive awards intended to support research visits of four to six weeks, and give a work-in-progress colloquium to the Smith College community during their residency. More information.

Grierson Fellowships

Katherine A. Fama, Washington University
PhD dissertation: "Novel Women at Novels' Ends: The Architecture of Singleness in American Fiction, 1880-1929"

Bain Fellowships

Granvill Ganter, St. John's University
"Anne Laura Clarke: America's First Career Lecturess, 1822-1851"

Friends of the Smith College Libraries Fellowship

Alicia Peaker, Northeastern University
PhD dissertation: "The Different Way We Tried to Respond': Women, Literature, and the Environment, 1890-1950"

Travel funds

Agatha Beins, Texas Woman's University
"Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves: Locating U.S. Feminism through Feminist Periodicals, 1970-1983"

Kevin Padraic Donnelly, Alvernia University
"Racist on Racist: The Mongrelist Doctrine of Racial Progress"

Jennifer C.H. Helgren, University of the Pacific
"Intersections of youth culture and internationalism in the post World War II era"

Kelly L. Marino, Binghamton University
PhD dissertation: "Creating a Revolution in Educated Opinion: College Students and Woman Suffrage Organizing, 1890-1920"

Sara Matthiesen, Brown University
PhD dissertation: "Reconceived: Defining Women's Reproduction after Roe c. Wade"

Kelly O'Donnell, Yale University
PhD dissertation: "Dear Injurious Physician: Barbara Seaman, Feminism, and the Politics of Women's Health in America"

Kelly O'Reilly, Vanderbilt University
PhD dissertation: "The role of the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA) in providing birth control education to migrant "Okie" women at the Farm Security Administration migratory labor camps in California in the 1930s and 1940s"

Sarah Rowley, Indiana University
PhD dissertation: "A New Right: The Cultural Politics of Abortion, 1960s-1980s"

Heather Sinclair, University of Texas at El Paso
PhD dissertation: "History of Childbirth, Infant Mortality, and Midwifery in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1890-1990"

Kathleen Washburn, The University of New Mexico
"Sentimental Potboilers and Indian Reform: The Literary Legacy of Elaine Goodale Eastman"

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