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Oral Histories Online

This list includes oral histories that have full transcripts available online (and in some cases video clips). Many more oral histories are available to researchers in the Sophia Smith Collection. View the complete list of oral histories in the SSC.

Voices of Feminism Oral History Project
Over fifty in-depth interviews document the persistence and diversity of organizing for women in the United States. Narrators include labor, peace, and anti-racism activists; singers, filmmakers and writers; lesbian rights advocates; grassroots anti-violence and anti-poverty organizers; and women of color reproductive justice leaders. Includes full transcripts for most interviews and selected video clips.
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Population and Reproductive Health Oral History Project

Full transcripts of interviews with pioneers in the birth control movement, population planning, and reproductive health from the 1960s to the present.

Women's health workshop, rural Nepal. © 2004 Helen Hawkings, Courtesy of Photoshare.

Women's health workshop, rural Nepal

An Activist Life: Student Oral History Project

A collection of life histories of women who have dedicated their lives to social and political activism. Interviews were conducted by Smith College students and document both the diversity and the persistence of women's activism, as organizers and as cultural workers, in a variety of social movements such as women's health, economic justice, LGBT liberation, peace, education, and environmental sustainability.

Demonstration for students, gay rights, women's rights, social justice, and human rights at New York University, New York City, 1970
© Diana Davies.

Documenting Lesbian Lives: Student Oral History Project

A collection of interviews of women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, woman-identified-woman, queer, or who prefer not to identify with sexuality categories. The project provides a complex and nuanced collective story of American lesbian history and experience. Interviews were conducted by Smith College students. (Note: online interviews are restricted to Smith campus access).

Joan E. Biren in Dyke, Virginia, 1975 (self-portrait)
© Joan E. Biren

Individual oral histories online:

Barbara Brenner, lawyer and health justice activist

View complete list of oral histories in the SSC.


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