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The SSC reference staff has prepared a number of research guides to provide an overview of the major subject areas represented in the SSC. They highlight selected sources in those areas and are a good place to begin if you have not yet chosen a research topic. Note that these lists are not exhaustive. The SSC has especially rich holdings in many subject areas and these guides feature the more significant collections among them. We have also made an effort to include smaller amounts of materials that are "hidden" in collections and may easily be missed. Links to finding aids are provided if available online. If not online, the finding aid is available in the SSC, and you can contact us to request a copy. Unprocessed (definition) collections are generally not included here, although many are open for research. To search all of our open collections for more specific topics, see Searching SSC Collections under Doing Research.

Anti-suffrage postcard, 1909
Anti-suffrage postcard, 1909. Copyright Dunston-Weiler Lithograph Co. (Suffrage Collection)

bullet gif Africa

bullet gif Artists, Architects, and Filmmakers

bullet gif China

bullet gif Contemporary Women's Movement

bullet gif Crime and Incarceration

bullet gif Diaries, Autobiographies, and Commonplace Books

bullet gif Disabilities

bullet gif Environmental, Anti-Nuclear and Animal Rights Activists

bullet gif Family Papers

bullet gif Jewish Women

bullet gif Journalism

bullet gif Labor in the U.S.

bullet gif Law and Legislation

bullet gif Lesbians and Bisexual Women

bullet gif Local History

bullet gif Medicine and Health Fields

bullet gif Reproductive Rights and Women's Health

bullet gif Science, Mathematics, and Engineering

bullet gif Social Work Archives

bullet gif Suffrage Movement

bullet gif Violence Against Women

bullet gif Women of Color and Race Relations in the U.S.

See also the Oral Histories List

The following subject guides are available in the Sophia Smith Collection Reading Room and will eventually be added to this page. In the meantime, you can contact the SSC for copies.

  • The Age of Reform, 1892-1940
  • Courtship Letters
  • International Work
  • Military and war service
  • Missionary Work
  • Peace
  • Physical Education and Sport
  • Plants and Landscaping
  • Religion
  • Theatre
  • U.S. Social History, 1810-1890
  • Women Companions and Female Friendship
  • Athletics and sport
  • World War I

Contact the SSC for copies


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